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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 10 Recap

Xiong Guoliang found an excuse to say that Tai Yongfeng’s sending Gan Tianlei in was also a kind of protection in disguised form. He hoped that Yang Xiaolei would not be arrogant, and Yang Xiaolei also understood that the only thing they could do was clear the suspicion for Gan Tianlei. Chen Sidong received a call saying that Wang Lame was dead and Gan Tianlei had not been buried alive and killed him. The Tan family was very angry. They couldn’t move Gan Tianlei at present, so they watched Gan Xiao Nuan and prepared to attack her. Xiong Guoliang and Gao Dong watched the video sent by Xiaoyu to Gan Xiaonuan again, and found it very tricky. Er Lengzi was caught but still refused to say anything, Yang Xiaolei sighed.

Chen Sidong asked Chen Moon to kill Gan Xiao Nuan at all costs, because Wang Lame was his nephew. Shang Bale came to Che Lizi, Che Lizi was busy writing the script and did not have time to pay attention to him. Shang Bale was so anxious that Gan Tianlei was sent to the police station to be locked up with Uncle Li. Che Lizi told him to look after Gan Tianlei.

Can’t die. Che Lizi knew that all of this was done by the Tan family, but they were still tender. Yang Xiaolei was urged by her mother to go on a blind date again, and Xiong Guoliang was anxious when she heard it. Xiong Guoliang asked Yang Xiaolei to go to Dean Zhang to get the medicine, and stop by Gan Tianlei. Shang Tuzi had dinner with Hong Wu, and told him to take care of Gan Tianlei, don’t let him have an accident, and only agreed by adding one million Hong Wu.

Chen Moon went to the hospital, and Ma Lie went to the hospital to visit Gan Xiao Nuan after work. He happened to meet the sneaky Chen Moon and realized that something was wrong, and quickly took Gan Xiao Nuan away. Gao Dong found that there was a problem with the audio in the video, and found that this passage was not said here, the sound was fake, and the video should also be fake. Chen Moon put on a nurse’s uniform and sneaked into the ward, only to find that Gan Xiao Nuan had already left. Ma Lie ran with Gan Xiao Nuan while making a call with Xiong Guoliang. Xiong Guoliang hurriedly took people to the hospital.

Chen Yueliang bit them tightly, and Ma Lie sent Gan Xiao Nuan to a safe room and told her to lock the door behind her and lead Chen Yue away by herself. When the two met in a fight, Chen Moon wanted to run when he couldn’t fight, but Ma Lie didn’t catch up, and quickly went back to find Gan Xiao Nuan. Gan Xiao Nuan was always scared, and was even more terrified to see Ma Lie approaching him with injuries. Xiong Guoliang arrived, but Chen Yueliang was picked up by Chen Si’s car.

Che Lizi was surprised when she received a call from Gan Xiao Nuan, and told her not to be afraid. He would find out who did it. Hong Wu was arrested again in the police station. Yang Xiaolei came to see Gan Xiao Nuan and said that she would take her to change a ward immediately. Gan Xiao Nuan felt very sorry for Ma Lie. Yesterday he almost died in order to save himself, and she did not go out to help. It is his duty for Yang Xiaolei to comfort Ma Lie as a policeman, and he was also a good seed when he entered the police force. After Ma Lie finished the formalities, he hurriedly helped Gan Xiao Nuan pack his things.

In 2004, in Los Angeles, USA, Che Lizi found Su Ling and said that Uncle Liu wanted to pass the finger to Gan Tianlei and persuaded her to go back and take a look at Uncle Liu. Che Lizi is the godson of the sixth uncle and Su Ling’s brother. That was the first time Che Lizi saw Gan Xiao Nuan. Su Ling refused to tell Gan Tianlei about this. He followed Liu Shu. Che Lizi said that someone wanted to kill Gan Xiao Nuan, Shang Tuozi quickly dismissed the relationship and said that he did not do it.

Because of the death of Gan Tianlei, his people could hardly protect themselves where anyone would kill Gan Xiao Nuan. . Da Biaozi and Er Lengzi came out with Shang Bale. Shang Bale wanted to avenge them, but he recognized Che Lizi as his eldest brother, so Gan Tianlei and Gan Xiao Nuan didn’t move. This time he really didn’t do this. . Che Lizi thought that it must have been done by the Tan family, and now everything is beyond his plan, what exactly the Tan family wants to do.

Xiong Guoliang found the information about Chen Yueliang. She had a younger brother and an old mother, and immediately arranged for someone to visit and investigate. Shang Tianzi found the Tan family in the hospital. Che Lizi told him to stay in the hospital, and then told the old ministry Jinlianzi to come back quickly. Gan Xiao Nuan suddenly became seriously ill. The hospital judged that someone had poisoned her, but now she is very dangerous without a special medicine. Xiong Guoliang couldn’t wait to take Wang Chu to pick Gan Tianlei out of prison. Gan Xiao Nuan’s condition gradually became critical. Ma Lie watched the doctor gather around her sick window to rescue her with no blood on his face.

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