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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 14 Recap

Xia Linxi took Jiang Zhenghan to visit his newly rented house. Jiang Zhenghan deliberately said that mice and cockroaches frightened Xia Linxi and said that he could come here to live with her. He was actually worried that Xia Linxi would live outside alone. Xia Linxi became shy and said that it is not okay to be a freshman now, but it is okay after the junior year. Jiang Zhenghan sees hope.

At night, Jiang Zhenghan needs to complete the programming task as soon as possible, otherwise the other party will not pay the balance, and there are many people looking for him. Xia Linxi showed his admiration for Jiang Zhenghan and asked him how much he loves programming, and wanted him to teach himself programming. Jiang Zhenghan asked Xia Linxi what to pay, saying that there could be other things besides money. Xia Linxi was shy again, and quickly went back to the bedroom to sleep.

After Xia Linxi woke up, she received a text message from Jiang Zhenghan asking her to help teach herself homework. Xia Linxi came to Professor Shi’s office and heard that there will be a computer finals recently. If he wins the competition, he will be favored by big companies. There will also be better internship opportunities, and the salary will be higher than the current programming.

Duan Ning envied Chen Yichuan and asked Zhang Huaiwu about the high school story of Gu Xiaoman and Chen Yichuan. He believed that there were countless women, but he had never met a good girl like Gu Xiaoman. Gu Xiaoman likes Chen Yichuan, and even knows his favorite Snoopy, but Chen Yichuan just doesn’t know how to love. Zhang Huaiwu told Duan Ning not to be envious. Chen Yichuan’s affirmative emotional intelligence is particularly low, and he will definitely be bachelor in the future.

At this time, Jiang Zhenghan returned to the dormitory with a happy face. Duan Ning told him that Chen Yichuan had a fever and was hospitalized, but Jiang Zhenghan did not respond. Duan Ning felt that this matter was strange, and Zhang Huaiwu didn’t feel right. The two of them sat together and looked at each other, intending to give Jiang Zhenghan a routine. Duan Ning first asked Jiang Zhenghan what he had for breakfast, then whether he was creative in the project, and finally asked him how he and Xia Linxi were doing. Jiang Zhenghan has been chatting with Xia Linxi on WeChat, blurting out the kiss without thinking. Duan Ning and Zhang Huaiwu were both happy for him and said with a smile that Jiang Zhenghan had done a good job of keeping secrets.

Gu Xiaoman saw that Chen Yichuan was cured, so he bought him delicious supplements, but Chen Yichuan turned out to be disgusted. Duan Ning came to join in the fun, only to see Gu Xiaoman angrily leave, he complained that Chen Yichuan didn’t understand in return. Chen Yichuan thought that Duan Ning was talking about Shi Ying, and the two answered the wrong question. Chen Yichuan mistakenly thought that Snoopy was given by Shi Ying, and his eyes were Shi Ying’s good, thinking Shi Ying was a beautiful and talented woman. Duan Ning said that Shi Ying is definitely not as simple as it seems, and Chen Yichuan does not believe it.

Gu Xiaoman sent Chen Yichuan a WeChat message and wanted to meet him. When she got dressed and went downstairs, Chen Yichuan complained that the clothes she was wearing were too complicated, but Gu Xiaoman understood that she was wearing too good-looking. Chen Yichuan had to sigh and sigh that the color is too beautiful, and Gu Xiaoman misunderstood that Chen Yichuan was confessing to himself, because this sentence was an allusion of Natsume Soseki’s expression of love, and he almost shed tears of emotion.

Gu Xiaoman couldn’t wait, and quickly told Xia Linxi that Xia Linxi believed that Chen Yichuan’s EQ is impossible to express in classic quotations. Xia Linxi gave Jiang Zhenghan a new computer. Jiang Zhenghan didn’t want to take it. He wrote down a promise and used his lifelong sales deed to Xia Linxi. Xia Linxi said that he would charge more interest. When the two were about to kiss, Chen Yichuan kept going. Knock on the door, frightened Jiang Zhenghan quickly find a place to hide.

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