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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 8 Recap

The scene in which Gan Tianlei became a police officer was very simple, and he couldn’t wear the police uniform on his body. At that time, Gan Tianlei only made one request to take photos with his parents and master in this uniform. Tai Yongfeng was also unwilling to believe that Gan Tianlei did this, but they are the police and must pay attention to evidence. Xiong Guoliang received a call from Team Zhang that Yang Xiaolei asked for help and his descendants had disappeared. Tai Yongfeng asked him to personally take people to retrieve Gan Tianlei and Yang Xiaolei.

Wang Lizi, brother Biao, and Er Lengzi drove away and met public security Li Ke who was patrolling. Li Ke asked to open the car and found that Da Biaozi and others with injuries on their faces. Li Ke was keenly aware of something. The other party said to call, and it was Cherie who answered the call. Obviously this was the secret code they had agreed upon. Li Ke let him go before he had time to think about it. Shang Bale was having dinner with Che Lizi, and took out his other hand to let Che Li Zi vent his anger. Che Li let him go, but told him not to make the same mistake again.

Da Biaozi and Er Lengzi waited for fear of meeting the police again in a while, so they decided to go to Lin Xiushan, where no one in the wilderness could find them. Xiong Guoliang was hurriedly searching for the locations of Gan Tianlei and Yang Xiaolei. Dean Zhang called and asked them why Gan Tianlei did not come to check. Xiong Guoliang said that they had gone to perform the task temporarily. Dean Zhang scolded him angrily. Gan Tianlei’s condition is very bad. Once encountered continuous stimulation, the past memory fragments and reality will be spliced ​​into a logical system, so that once a conflict occurs, the consequences are unimaginable. Li Ke recalled what Da Biaozi said and still felt wrong, contacted the headquarters to investigate the truck.

Ma Lie sat on the bedside of Gan Xiao Nuan and cried helplessly, begging her to wake up as soon as possible. Chief Wang compared the hair on Xiaoyu’s body, and after repeated confirmations, he still pointed at Gan Tianlei. Xiong Guoliang found the garage, and Gan Xiaonuan finally woke up. Da Biaozi and others planned to bury Yang Xiaolei and Gan Tianlei alive. Before she died, she asked Yang Xiaolei to look at Gan Tianlei again. Yang Xiaolei cried and said goodbye to him. She wanted to start again, but she didn’t expect it to end so soon. .

Yang Xiaolei left a kiss on Gan Tianlei’s cheek, ready to accept death with peace of mind. Before Wang Lizi was buried, he took a photo and said he wanted to explain to his injured brother. Chen Sidong was very happy to see the photos and killed Gan Tianlei. The two thought they would be the head of the Tan family. This trick was thought of by Chen Sidong. Even if the police found out, he would have to check Caesar’s side. Chen Sidong also came up with the idea of ​​using pig offal to transport the goods.

Gan Tianlei woke up and struggled out of the soil. Looking at the idle people around, Gan Tianlei used a lighter to burn the rope and flew towards them, and Da Biaozi and others hurriedly ran away. Gan Tianlei woke up Yang Xiaolei, and then he was going to chase people. The goods could not be lost. This was his guarantee. Gan Tianlei chased after him desperately. Da Biaozi and the others frightened and drove several times faster. They happened to encounter Xiong Guoliang, who was set to intercept, because he was worried that Gantianlei Xiong Guoliang did not order the shot. When the car rushed past, it was Li Ke who suddenly appeared halfway and knocked the truck over.

Da Biaozi and Er Lengzi were trapped in the car. Gan Tianlei and Li Ke went up to save the people. Seeing that the car was about to explode, Xiong Guoliang called them to leave. At the last moment when the car exploded, Gan Tianlei took them away safely and got the goods. Gan Tianlei had time to ask Gan Xiao Nuan. Xiong Guoliang said that she was okay, and pointed to Li Ke next to him and complained to him that it was exactly the same as Gan Tianlei back then. Xiong Guoliang asked Li Ke to report to the anti-drug detachment next week, and Li Ke was very happy.

Gan Tianlei had no alibi, and all the evidence of Xiaoyu’s death pointed to him, and Tai Yongfeng was a headache. Gan Tianlei was criminally detained by the police as soon as he returned. Gan Tianlei raised his gun and shouted that he did not kill anyone. Xiong Guoliang hurriedly stopped him in front of him, hoping that he believed that he could redress the grievances, and he would find out clearly. Gan Tianlei was brought to Tai Yongfeng in handcuffs, and Tai Yongfeng offered to chat with him alone.

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