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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 7 Recap

Gan Tianlei punched those people with bruised noses and swollen faces before he knew where Gan Xiao Nuan was. He moved the secret door and went up the stairs as they said. Xiong Guoliang and others were stuck in the road, so they could only decide to run over on foot. When they arrived, the police station had already arrived, and Yang Xiaolei and Ma Lie had also arrived.

Everyone immediately prepared for action. Gan Tianlei shot them over as soon as he entered the room. The other party threatened him with a mask and said that he would press the time bomb on Gan Xiao Nuan, and Gan Tianlei hurriedly took the shipment. Xiong Guoliang took the police upstairs to check. Ma Lie rashly said that he wanted to make a surprise inspection and sweep pornography. Xiong Guoliang was so angry that he scolded him on the spot.

Gan Tianlei delayed the time and wanted to throw the goods out for the other party to find someone to pick him up. The other party agreed. As soon as Gan Tianlei’s bag landed, Xiong Guoliang rushed to him, and the other party ran away in a hurry. Gan Tianlei wanted to catch up and saw Gan Xiao Nuan stayed behind. Watching the bomb countdown approaching, Gan Tianlei hugged Gan Xiao Nuan and already did Well prepared, fortunately the bomb is just a cover.

For the rest of his life, Gan Xiao Nuan held Gan Tianlei and blamed herself and was afraid. Yang Xiaolei also came, and Gan Tianlei went after him when she saw it. Yang Xiaolei asked Xiong Guoliang and Ma Lie to take care of Gan Xiaonuan. Gan Xiaonuan told them that the other party gave her an injection, and the two rushed to send her to the hospital.

Yang Xiaolei took the gun and Gan Tianlei went into the sewer to pursue. Che Lizi was surprised to see Xiong Guoliang carrying Gan Xiao Nuan downstairs. Gan Tianlei and Yang Xiaolei chased all the way from the tunnel. Gan Tianlei judged the other party’s vehicle based on the traces left and asked Yang Xiaolei to investigate. The road was blocked, Gan Xiao Nuan couldn’t help but fell asleep. Ma Lie was so anxious that she carried her and ran to the hospital. He watched Gan Xiao Nuan grow up and was used to staying with her, if Gan Xiao Nuan was gone. What should he do! Da Biaozi called Shang Tianlei to report the incident, saying that he had tied Gan Tianlei’s daughter, and Shang Tianlei was immediately anxious. They were going to kill himself.

Che Lizi couldn’t get through Gan Xiao Nuan’s phone. Gan Xiao Nuan was sent to the rescue room. Ma Lie and Xiong Guoliang were waiting outside the observation room with anxiety. Xiong Guoliang received a call saying that Wang’s place had arrived, and he could only let Ma Lie stay here first. Xiong Guoliang hurried back to deal with Wang Chu, and took her into the office to drink tea in the name of an old classmate. Wang Chu showed off that he already had a daughter and persuaded him to change his goal.

The Wang Chuan asked Xiong Guoliang what the trouble was. Xiong Guoliang said it was Gan Tianlei, and when he woke up, he was involved in serious matters. Gan Tianlei and Yang Xiaolei drove to find Er Lengzi according to the information they found. The doorman arrogantly was photographed by Gan Tianlei’s door on the ground. Gan Tianlei wanted to go in and pick up the goods by himself. Yang Xiaolei was very worried and told him not to act impulsively, and then quickly called the police.

Gan Tianlei sneaked into the car repair shop quietly, picked up a wrench at hand, and came to Wang Lizi and Er Lengzi. The two sides fought again on the spot. Gan Tianlei knocked them over by himself and asked about the whereabouts of the goods. While waiting, Yang Xiaolei received a call from Ma Lie, saying that Gan Xiao Nuan was not in a good condition and kept calling her father to ask Gan Tianlei to come over.

Gan Tianlei slashed the front tires and got the goods. When he was about to leave with a wound, he was attacked from behind and fainted. Da Biaozi asked Wang Lizi and Er Lengzi to go out and hide with him, but they didn’t want to let Gan Tianlei kill him, but Da Biaozi quickly stopped him and said to get him in the car before discussing how to do it.

Xiong Guoliang asked Tai Yongfeng whether he really believed that Gan Tianlei did this. He was specially approved by Tai Yongfeng to become a police officer because of Gan Tianlei’s outstanding contributions to the Caesars Group. In 2006, Gan Tianlei took an oath in front of the party emblem in front of Tai Yongfeng and the two leaders and officially became the People’s Police.

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