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The Burning River 迷雾追踪 Episode 15 Recap

He’s mother was heartbroken by the door, and the portrait of He Wenjun in front of them seemed particularly indifferent. Lin Yuhong and Zhao Wei wanted to continue to inquire about He Wenjun’s wandering in Yunnan for several years, but He mother behaved ignorantly. The police had to return to the case and find a connection between Yang Yang and He Wenjun. Judging from the records of He Wenjun borrowing the car over the past few days and the remains of the toy car in the car, the murderer of He Wenjun is likely to be the same kidnapper who kidnapped Yang Yang. Lin Yuhong and others found the surveillance video while analyzing the evidence.

In the picture, He Wenjun was surrounded and beaten by several people in black and forced to take him into the van. After finding the identities of a few gangsters, Zhao Wei and the others hurriedly searched for them. They came to a noisy disco and caught the gangster’s leader: Gong Jin.

Under the video evidence, Gong Jin confessed to the fight, but Gong Jin excitedly refuted the death of He Wenjun and Yang Yang’s kidnapping, eager to prove his innocence. Just talking about being instigated by others. Zhao Wei took out Wang Jianning’s photo for Gong Jin to identify, and Gong Jin repeatedly affirmed it. Only then did Zhao Wei know that Wang Jianning had used a false name and hired someone to beat He Wenjun, rather than being ignorant of what he said.

The police quickly assembled a team and returned to Wang Jianning’s home, but did not see Wang Jianning at all. In order to find Wang Jianning’s whereabouts, Lin Yuhong and others found Wang Jiahui. Faced with the evidence presented by Lin Yuhong and others, Wang Jiahui was just full of disbelief, but when Lin Yuhong and others pressed for questioning, Wang Jiahui still knew nothing. Wang Jiahui was just kept in the dark, everything was controlled by Wang Jianning.

Ren Jing contacted Lin Yuhong and others again. At this time, the extremely broken mother found a fortune-teller in order to obtain information from her son. Ren Jing still had hope for the survival of her son Yang Yang and asked the police to continue the investigation. But as time went by, it became more and more difficult to retrieve Yang Yang, but Lin Yuhong and others did not give up. At this time, Wang Jiahui’s neighbor automatically found the police to provide information. According to the neighbor, when He Wenjun came back from Yunnan and found that Zheng Mingcheng lived in He’s house and had an unusual relationship with his mother, he was very angry and the two even fought. .

And Zheng Mingcheng also made it clear that he must teach He Wenjun a good lesson. It seems that the relationship between the two is very unharmonious. Coincidentally, the police discovered during the investigation that it was Zheng Mingcheng who bought the van with Wang Jianning, and Zheng Mingcheng was also there on the day He Wenjun was besieged.

The police rushed to Zheng Mingcheng’s station, but found that Zheng Mingcheng did not show up at all. Lin Yuhong and others could only look back and find Wang Jiahui again. Listening to Lin Yuhong and others’ interrogation, Wang Jiahui’s expression looked desperate and determined, but still replied affirmatively that Wang Jianning and Zheng Mingcheng would not commit murder. It turns out that all the injuries on Wang Jiahui’s face were done by He Wenjun.

The stubborn character He Wenjun added violence to Wang Jiahui, which aroused the resentment of Zheng Mingcheng and Wang Jianning. In order to teach He Wenjun, the two teamed up to make an employment gangster. , The matter of siege. Later, Wang Jianning and Zheng Ming let He Wenjun leave Linchuan, not only gave money, but also gave He Wenjun the van. Zhao Wei listened carefully to what the two said, and keenly discovered the appearance of a new character, who was the friend who came with He Wenjun after being beaten: Yao Jun.

After searching Yao Jun’s information, he learned that Yao Jun is still living in the local hotel. Lin Yuhong and others quickly led people to the hotel, but when they opened the room, they found that the building had been empty, leaving only traces of their staying in. From the monitoring point of view, it turns out that He Wenjun has been living with Yao Jun for several days.

On the day of He Wenjun’s accident, Yao Jun, who was under the surveillance, looked extremely anxious and hurriedly left with a backpack. Judging from the use of mobile phones, Yao Jun’s last whereabouts appeared in the car, and the rest were nowhere to be seen. Looking at the appearance of Yao Jun in the surveillance, Lin Yuhong remembered hard whether Yao Jun was the man in black at the temple fair that day?

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