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The Burning River 迷雾追踪 Episode 14 Recap

The police car quickly surrounded the house, and Ren Jing angrily chased Lin Yuhong, sternly saying that he wanted to be held accountable. Zhao Wei on the side explained that everything was blamed by the police, and everyone wanted to keep the children safe. The conversation was not over yet, the colleague on the other side found the blood on the ground. It turned out to be left by the kidnapper and Lin Yuhong who fell on the ground when they collided with Lin Yuhong. Now there were clues. Zhao Wei and others quickly collected blood samples and sent them for work. Detection.

Xiao Ma sat lonely at the entrance of the hospital. Liu Zhongming quietly moved to the side of Xiao Ma, only to find that Xiao Ma’s face was full of tears. At that time, he rushed to Ren Jing in an emergency, and he did not expect that his figure would be recognized by the kidnappers. The pony who felt guilty in his heart shed tears of self-blame, but Liu Zhongming still comforted the pony slowly. Lin Yuhong also blamed himself. My colleagues wanted to persuade Lin Yuhong to give up the last few hours, but when the phone rang, Lin Yuhong quickly picked it up.

From the blood sample, it was found that the kidnapper’s name was He Wenjun. I came back and found my address. Everyone quickly drove around the community and rushed into the house, only to find that only He’s parents were left in the house, and He Wenjun was not seen at all. It turned out that He Wenjun just returned home on the 23rd and stayed there for a day, and was unable to contact him all day today. Listen to the mechanical sound coming from across the earpiece. Once again nothing made Lin Yuhong’s heart plunge into the abyss.

Everyone returned to the police station to analyze the case. He Wenjun’s father is in jail, and his mother is now with a man named Zheng Mingcheng. The case has come to a deadlock and the golden redemption period has been missed, and everyone looks exhausted. Looking at Lin Yuhong’s self-blaming face, Zhao Wei stood up and arranged work. In the face of Lin Yuhong, who kept hanging his head down, Zhao Wei still persuaded him to go back to rest and reorganize his spirit to work again. But when Lin Yuhong returned home, he was still facing the empty tabletop and was silent.

Police colleagues investigated the gray vans that appeared on the surveillance screen several times. Now investigating the origin of the vehicle may be the fastest way to crack the case. But just when everyone was trying to work together to continue to solve the case, a large number of reporters appeared at the door of Yang’s house on the other end. It turned out that it was Ren Jing who asked the reporter to interview. Ren Jing believed that the presence of the police disrupted the plan last night. news. Seeing that Ren Jing ignored her own dissuasion and insisted on insisting on media reports, Zhao Wei and others had nothing to do and could only let her go.

Looking at Ren Jing’s face on the TV, Lin Yuhong was so startled that she couldn’t speak, so she frowned. On the other hand, Yang Yang’s cousin Yuan Xiaodong appeared in the police station. It turned out that Yuan Xiaodong and He Wenjun knew and met Yang Yang. However, Yuan Xiaodong said that he did not care about the dialogue between He Wenjun and Yang Yang. He Wenjun inquired about Yang Yang’s parents and The family situation, I didn’t expect it to be a disaster for what happened in the future.

After sending Yuan Xiaodong away, Liu Zhongming, who was monitoring He Wenjun’s mother Wang Jiahui, reported to Lin Yuhong that he had come to several banks to withdraw large sums of cash, and it was very likely that he was planning to make arrangements for his son He Wenjun to run away. Liu Zhongming and others quickly followed, and called Lin Yuhong and others to join together. But Liu Zhongming accidentally lost his car here, and when he returned to various intersections to look for, he could no longer find his way.

On the other side, the colleague who was in charge of searching found the gray van driven by He Wenjun. The owner is He Wenjun’s uncle and Wang Jiahui’s younger brother, Wang Jianning, who lives in the old city area that Liu Zhongming is following.

When Lin Yuhong and others broke into Wang Jianning’s house, they only found the faces of Wang Jiahui, Wang Jianning and others. He did not see He Wenjun. It turned out that He Wenjun borrowed the car and failed to return it. The van was related to others. The joint purchase can only be repaid by Wang Jiahui now. I thought the clue was lost again. Xiao Ma called and said that he had discovered the whereabouts of the van.

Lin Yuhong and others went to the scene, only to find that He Wenjun had been burned to a corpse. It was determined that the time of death was the day before yesterday, but who was the figure that appeared last night? How was He Wenjun’s blood stains kept on the scene? Lin Yuhong fixedly looked at He Wenjun’s necklace and guessed to Zhao Wei that what the mysterious man who appeared last night was likely to be deliberately, was deliberately discovered, and deliberately left blood stains in order to The charge of kidnapping was planted on this long-dead He Wenjun…

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