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The Burning River 迷雾追踪 Episode 13 Recap

A few months later, Lin Yuhong rushed back to the police station to handle a kidnapping case with heavy documents. The kidnapped was a five-year-old Yang Yang. Because his father was still in prison, his mother was in Shenzhen, and only the family was left. For the two elderly people, neighbor Wu Jun called the police and told his grandfather Yang Jianmin. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of 300,000 yuan and threatened the Yang family not to act rashly, otherwise they would act on the child.

After learning about the situation, Lin Yuhong and others walked into the apartment where Yang lived in disguise as workers, asked Yang Jianmin to close the curtains, and took out instruments to look for monitors or cameras. Grandma Yang was still ill and was still lying in bed to recover.

After all the dangers were eliminated, Grandpa Yang and Lin Yuhong and Zhao Wei began to complain. Lin Yuhong comforted Grandpa Yang’s emotions and asked about the kidnappers. The kidnappers called the landline and there was no caller ID. There was no notice of the time for meeting to pay the ransom. Lin Yuhong arranged for Liu Zhongming on the other side to investigate the surveillance cameras and only saw Yang Yang leaving alone.

Grandpa Yang suddenly remembered that his grandson was going to find his cousin Yuan Xiaodong who lived in the resettlement community. Lin Yuhong quickly notified Liu Zhongming to go to the resettlement community. After all the arrangements were completed, colleagues from the police station discovered that the landline at Grandpa Yang’s home was tapped, and the eavesdropping range was only 4 kilometers, and the kidnappers were likely to be nearby.

When Lin Yuhong asked, Grandpa Yang said that he only talked with his grandson Yang Yang’s mother, Ren Jing, and even the cash was prepared by his daughter-in-law. On the other side, Liu Zhongming and others drove to the restaurant and found that the place where Yuan Xiaodong worked was the restaurant where Wu Xiaojun worked. They asked Yuan Xiaodong, but Yuan Xiaodong looked at a loss and answered one sentence. Seeing that there was nothing unusual, Liu Zhongming dismissed Yuan Xiaodong and found nearby surveillance cameras to check.

Lin Yuhong and others are still in Yang’s house, preparing to place trackers in cash and backpacks. In a blink of an eye, there was a knock on the door. Zhao Wei discovered that Yang Yang’s mother Ren Jing opened the door. But Ren Jing saw the presence of Zhao Wei and others, but her emotions became extremely excited, and she was very afraid of Lin Yuhong. If someone is discovered by a kidnapper, his life is likely to be in danger. While Ren Jing was arguing loudly, the landline rang. Lin Yuhong and others were ready to monitor. When Yang Jianmin answered the phone, the other end of the receiver pressed Ren Jing’s presence and asked Ren Jing to answer the phone.

Lin Yuhong and others were unable to locate the kidnappers. They could only instruct Ren Jing to induce the kidnappers to let her son Yang Yang listen to the phone to ensure the safety of the hostages. Who knows that the kidnappers did not agree to Ren Jing’s request, but ordered Ren Jing to bring them at 8 o’clock tonight. Qian came to the temple fair to change people. When she hung up the phone, Ren Jing almost broke down.

She asked Lin Yuhong and others not to intervene, but Lin Yuhong explained that the kidnapper’s particularity was very likely to be lying beside Yang’s family. Xiao Ma sent the obtained surveillance video to Lin Yuhong’s computer, and everyone gathered in front of the computer to observe carefully. Yang Yang in the picture was forced to catch a van and drove away. Ren Jing, who originally nodded and agreed to Lin Yuhong’s action, regretted it after seeing the video, but couldn’t bear to see her son’s life in danger.

Lin Yuhong and others left Yang’s house in a car after Ren Jing refused and expelled. In the car, Lin Yuhong and Zhao Wei were very calm. Before the car stopped, Lin Yuhong made a decision in his heart, notifying Xiao Ma and Liu Zhongming to return to the team, and called Zhao Wei, and the two discussed silently.

Zhao Wei believes that the kidnappers may have torn up the ticket, and Lin Yuhong is certain that if he does not catch the kidnappers after tonight, Yang Yang certainly has little chance of survival. Unable to watch a life disappear, Lin Yuhong temporarily decided to act secretly to monitor every move of the Yang family, and seize the opportunity at tonight’s Laojie Temple Fair.

When the night came, the atmosphere at the temple fair was very lively and crowded. Liu Zhongming and Lin Yuhong walked in the crowd, trying to find people with different looks. Zhao Wei used an observation mirror to monitor the scene on the other side, while Xiao Ma and a group of colleagues stared at the display in the car.

When Lin Yuhong and others learned that Ren Jing had arrived at the scene, they quickened their pace to keep up. But the crowded and bustling streets make this tracking very difficult. At this time, Ren Jing’s cell phone rang suddenly, and the kidnapper’s voice came from the other side, but Xiao Ma and others had difficulty hearing the kidnapper’s voice because of the noisy surroundings. Zhao Wei tried his best to find out who was answering the phone from the crowd, but found nothing. The kidnappers asked Ren Jing to go to West Street, which was not monitored.

Liu Zhongming and Lin Yuhong who received the news quickly followed up in two separate ways. In the dark alley, the bell rang again, the kidnappers changed the location to South Second Street again, and Lin Yuhong and others had to run again. The physically exhausted Ren Jing obviously became staggered, but the kidnappers asked Ren Jing to change his communication method and use a public phone to communicate.

Ren Jing begged to listen to her son Yang Yang’s voice, but the kidnapper asked Ren Jing to drop the phone and go to the meeting alone. Finding no movement in the positioning of the mobile phone, Yang Yang and Xiao Ma found the mobile phone that Ren Jing had placed in place, looked at a smog of smoke and firecrackers, and lost their direction for a while.

Ren Jing took the cash to the destination, but the mobile phone beside the stairs rang suddenly. Ren Jing received the call and received the call from the kidnapper, but the other end of the receiver eagerly asked why Ren Jing called the police.

Jing tried his best to refute that she did not call the police and did not contact the police. But Lin Yuhong and Xiao Ma who came over at a time caused Ren Jing to panic. The kidnapper on the other side of the phone viciously made Ren Jing prepare to collect the child’s body, but Lin Yuhong vaguely found a figure shaking in the darkness not far away.

Life and death were hanging by a thread, Lin Yuhong hurriedly ran to the black shadow, but collided with the black shadow and fell to the ground. The violent shaking caused Lin Yuhong’s spirit to become trance again, staggering up, Lin Yuhong tried his best to look up to distinguish the direction. At this time, Zhao Wei hurriedly found Lin Yuhong and asked about the location of the culprit, but Lin Yuhong stared at him, and kept saying: Upstairs…Upstairs…The child is upstairs.

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