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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 44 Recap

Sophia became more and more active. She invited Zhao Zimo to the room to talk about the research and development plan of the new dish. She didn’t expect Zimo to take Xiaqin to go with him, so Sophia felt disappointed. The next day, Sophia pressed Zimo and took the opportunity to kiss! When the Shao family learned that Zhang Liqian was going to marry Xu Tianai, Shao’s father, Shao’s mother, who was eager to protect her daughter, was very worried.

When Shao Zi learned that Dad Shao went to Zhang Liqian, he was so angry that he had a cold fight with Dad. The battle for the throne of the Zhang Group has not yet seen an ups and downs. It seems that Zhang Qihong succeeded in persuading Lin Minzhu to turn against him. As for Zhang Qizheng’s camp, Zhang Zhenyu invited Tianqin to help him and went door-to-door to apologize to Lingxiao villagers in order to restore the decline and shape his image.

But did the residents of Lingxiao Village pay the bill? Tianqin accepted the fact that Zimo is the God of Wealth, and finally knew the bluff The existence of gods and good wealth. She was full of curiosity about Heavenly Court, which made Zimo a little unbearable. Zimo decided to take Tianqin to see the “what’s going on” in Heavenly Court himself, in order to solve Tianqin’s “1 million why” to Heavenly Court once and for all.

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