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Voice in the Rain (2020) เสียงรักในสายฝน

Voice in the Rain (2020)
Other Title: เสียงรักในสายฝน, Siang Ruk Nai Sai Fon , The Sound of Love In The Rain

Genres: Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Workpoint TV
Release Date: 
Dec 19, 2020 – Feb 7, 2021
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  • Linn Mashannoad Suvanamas as Rarin
  • Na Naphat Vikairungroj as Tanthai
  • Fluke Kan Kantathavorn as Porsche [Ron’s friend]
  • Cherreen Nachjaree Horvejkul as Mai [Tanthai’s manager]
  • Kanjanaporn Plodpai as Anya [Fashion critic]
  • Nophand Boonyai as [Fashion designer]

Rarin is a famous fashion designer; her creativity is inspired by a mysterious male voice that only she can hear and only when it rains. The voice belongs to Tanthai, a gorgeous model and actor she is about to work with during the upcoming rainy season. Amid many distractions, they choose to follow their hearts and discover that nothing is louder than the sound of their love for each other.

‘Rarin’ (Lin-Chanot), a young designer who has the most dynamic personality She has just returned from overseas and is trying to build her own brand in Thailand. But Rarin has a secret that has never been told that Every time it rains She will hear a man’s voice Which Rarin thought that it was The voice of the prince in her dreams And that sound has always inspired her to design clothes.

But then one day Rarin meets ‘Tantai’ (Na-Naphat), the owner of the mysterious voice she is looking for, but Tantai’s real character has a completely different image from the prince in her dreams. Because Tantai is an actor who has a problem with work He’s always picky about the roles and the inner workings of the characters and also has a cold personality Until it was nicknamed as ‘The Ice Prince’ that no one wants to work with If Rarin, who heard Tantai’s thoughts Knowing that Tantai is not what other people understand. And he can be a better man than he looks. Importantly, Tantai also has a golden proportion. Which is the perfect proportion that she was looking for The magic of the rain will bring them together.

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