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The Burning River 迷雾追踪 Episode 12 Recap

Recalling that forty minutes ago, his wife Li Siqi seemed to be telling the funeral and arranged for herself to take care of her daughter. Wang Wenjie begged Li Siqi to turn to the police for help, but Li Siqi was afraid that Wu Nian would be obsessed with herself and her family for the rest of her life, so she might as well go and end this long nightmare. Knowing from Wang Wenjie that Li Siqi was going up the mountain, Zhao Wei and Lin Yuhong hurriedly notified everyone to rush to Wu Niansheng’s hut on the mountain. Sure enough, I saw the vehicle driven by Li Siqi stopped at the door, and the police were armed with guns. When Zhao Wei gave an order, they rushed into the wooden house.

Surprisingly, apart from Li Siqi, there is no Wu Niansheng in the room. Lin Yuhong and others rushed into the wooden house, only to see the weak Li Siqi sitting at the table alone. It turned out that the agreed time had passed, and Wu Niansheng hadn’t appeared for a long time. Looking at Li Siqi who was silent in front of him, Lin Yuhong could only arrange people on the other side to monitor all the roads leading up the mountain.

Zhao Wei looked at Li Siqi who was silent in front of him, and asked about the bomb, but it turned out that everything was a lie weaving together with Li Siqi and Wu Niansheng. At that time, Li Siqi begged Wu Niansheng to let him give birth to a daughter before doing it. Wu Niansheng, who was soft-hearted for a while, agreed. Li Siqi recalled that after the incident, Wu Niansheng found the investors, the contestants, and everyone involved in the incident wanted to ask for the truth, but was rejected by everyone and even beaten up by the thugs arranged by Lin Zi’an.

A meal. The desperate Wu Niansheng was forced to a blind spot, and finally became what he is now. Later, Wu Niansheng approached Li Siqi and asked about the true purpose of the draft competition that year. It turned out that Wu Niansheng had already investigated clearly that this seemingly glamorous draft competition was actually intended to advertise the investor’s pig farm, any eye-catching resources. They are all smoke bombs. Seeing Li Siqi’s gloomy eyes, Zhao Wei and Lin Yuhong were suddenly speechless.

Wu Niansheng didn’t show up for a long time, but colleagues from the police station discovered that Wu Niansheng’s real hiding place was not the previously investigated neighborhood, but the old building where Zhao Changsong and Li Jiajia had an accident. Found a favorable clue, Lin Yuhong and others quickly led the commandos and snipers to block the entire building. Lin Yuhong was watching downstairs and ordered Xiao Ma and others to rush into the room. Hearing a panic on the intercom, Xiao Ma was calm. The voice came from one side: It was definitely Wu Niansheng.

Lin Yuhong closed his eyes abruptly and felt a heavy stone fall inside. Zhao Wei rushed to the downstairs at the same time and went upstairs with Lin Yuhong, only to see the look of Xiao Ma rather lost. It turned out that Wu Niansheng in the house had already died of liver failure three days ago. Watching the forensic doctor carry Wu Niansheng’s body into the ambulance. Lin Yuhong turned his head and looked at the faces of Lin Zian and others behind the crowd. Their relaxed appearance and their neat suits after putting down their vigilance made Lin Yuhong an eyesore. The news of Wu Niansheng’s death was reported by the news media.

It was flowing on the color TV screens, in the crowded restaurants, and in the noisy streets on the streets. Some passers-by pointed to the portrait of Wu Niansheng. Wu Xiaojun and Wu Xiaomei were shocked but strong. Enduring unnatural expression. Fortunately, some people were sitting in the back seat of the car with their newborn daughter in their arms, but they were stunned by the familiar “Night Wind” that floated on the radio. Everything is back to normal.

Lin Yuhong and Wei Lijun’s divorce procedures are still going through, and they meet again in the law firm. The lawyer came up with a newly drawn divorce agreement, but Lin Yuhong offered to live alone with his son for a while. Wei Lijun nodded, then retracted to the door to smoke. Lin Yuhong and his son Zihao in the house were facing each other. Lin Yuhong choked up and apologized to his son Zihao. Although Zihao pouted stubbornly, his eyes gradually turned red.

Zhao Wei’s injury forced him to give up his job as a criminal police officer and go to work in a bank. Lin Yuhong’s expression looked a little lonely, but Zhao Wei handed him a bag of papers, which Zhao Wei had specially transferred from Guizhou. Zhao Wei looked at Lin Yuhong and pretended to easily mention that if Lin Yuhong wanted to investigate this case, Zhao Wei would give up his job in the bank and continue to stay. Lin Yuhong’s eyes turned from shock to calmness.

Although the two had cooperated once, they had lingered on the edge of life and death several times, but they also became thoroughly and completely in harmony. You can know the meaning with just a few eyes. Zhao Wei looked at Lin Yuhong with a smile, and then he grinned, put down his packed bag, grabbed his jacket, followed Lin Yuhong out of the door, and walked towards another cloud of mist.

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