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The Burning River 迷雾追踪 Episode 11 Recap

The red light of the operation was still on, and everyone waited anxiously at the door. Lin Yuhong collapsed lonely in front of the chair. When the doctor walked out of the operating room, Lin Yuhong immediately jumped up and asked eagerly about Zhao Wei’s condition. The doctor mentioned the concussion and the implantation of steel bars in the legs, but fortunately, it was sent.

There is no other serious problem in coming in time. When the crowd dispersed, Lin Yuhong walked into the ward with worry and looked at Zhao Wei, whose head was covered in bandages. Lin Yuhong didn’t know what to say.

A colleague Liu Zhongming sent a message that it turned out that Wu Niansheng’s escape was found in the tunnel monitoring. The old injuries and new injuries caused Wu Niansheng’s line of action to not be very long. The police have arranged manpower in nearby villages, just waiting for Wu Niansheng to appear. Lin Yuhong and others searched again for the abandoned minibus that Wu Niansheng left behind. Looking at the decorations in the car, Wu Niansheng might have been living in the car.

The densely packed notes and photos on the car window show that Wu Niansheng has been monitoring the investigation steps of Lin Yuhong and others. Lin Yuhong suddenly thought of the existence of explosives, but after searching by the police, they were not found in the car.

Without Zhao Wei’s help, Liu Zhongming was responsible for guarding in front of Wei Lijun’s apartment. In the early morning, the courier driving the courier truck rang Wei Lijun’s doorbell with an unknown package. Hearing the sound, Liu Zhongming quickly got out of the car and ordered the courier to drop the courier. Several police officers quickly took out the detector to search, but it was only a false alarm.

Zhao Wei gradually woke up in the ventilator’s reminder, but the pain from his limbs reminded him of the fact that he was injured. Seeing Lin Yuhong lying down on the sofa sleeping soundly, Zhao Wei had to struggle to take out his mobile phone and call Lin Yuhong. Lin Yuhong looked at Zhao Wei who was weak in front of him, and he couldn’t help but become at a loss. But seeing Zhao Wei not changing his appearance, Lin Yuhong also knew that Zhao Wei was fine.

Lin Yuhong frankly said that Zhao Wei’s injury might not be possible without crutches for the rest of his life. Zhao Wei smiled bitterly and recalled everything that happened that day. Zhao Wei asked Lin Yuhong about the whereabouts of Wu Niansheng, and said that Wu Niansheng would probably do something to Wei Lijun in the near future. Lin Yuhong remained silent, but looked at Zhao Wei deeply.

Lin Yuhong and others watched Wei Lijun walk out of the house with Xiao Ma and opened the car door. Wei Lijun asked to chat with Lin Yuhong alone. Wei Lijun told Lin Yuhong that none of the program sponsors at the time had any direct contact with Wu Nian, but Lin Yuhong suspected that Wei Lijun was framed and planted by Lin Zian and others, so that Wu Niansheng is now looking at him. Wei Lijun begged Lin Yuhong and others to take his parents and son away. To Wu Niansheng, but Lin Yuhong firmly refused, and wanted to arrest Wu Niansheng himself. After that, Lin Yuhong insisted on being in front of the monitoring station, staring at the door of Wei Lijun’s house.

Zhao Wei still couldn’t let go of the case he was worried about during the hospitalization period. He was about to go out on crutches to get some air, but learned from the nurse that Feng Liping was sober. Zhao Wei came to Feng Liping’s bed and asked about the murderer’s appearance. Watching Feng Liping recognize Wu Niansheng’s appearance, Zhao Wei was even more anxious to continue to inquire about what happened that day. It turns out that Zhao Liping strayed into Wu Niansheng’s room while cleaning, and was discovered by Wu Niansheng and locked in the room. Feng Liping found Wu Niansheng’s private pistol and was very nervous, but Wu Niansheng told Feng Liping not to say it, but waited until ten.

Let’s talk on the seventh. But Feng Liping didn’t control it for a while, and was about to break out of the door to call for help. Wu Niansheng had to grab Feng Liping. When the two were fighting, Wu Niansheng missed and shot Feng Liping. Hearing the number seventeen that Wu Niansheng had been talking about, Zhao Wei couldn’t help but fall into deep thought. Then, as if thinking of something, he suddenly raised his head and quickly called Lin Yuhong. It turns out that Wu Niansheng’s goal has always been Li Siqi, and the 17th is Li Siqi’s due date. Wu Niansheng wants to wait for Li Siqi to give birth to her baby.

Lin Yuhong quickly contacted Li Siqi’s husband, Wang Wenjie, and found out that Li Siqi was at the Changshou Hospital. Lin Yuhong and Zhao Wei were divided into two teams. But when Zhao Wei rushed into the ward, he didn’t find Li Siqi, where did Li Siqi, who had just given birth? Zhao Wei anxiously wants to know. But the empty ward could not give an answer, so Zhao Wei had to quickly notify Lin Yuhong and others. The other side continued to call Wang Wenjie, but there was no answer. Xiao Ma quickly called out the hospital surveillance, but found Li Siqi walking alone in the stairwell. Lin Yuhong quickly searched the stairwell after learning about it, but found that Li Siqi had long since disappeared.

Li Siqi and Wang Wenjie’s couple seemed to disappear from the world. When Xiao Ma was inquiring about Wang Wenjie’s whereabouts, he found that he was leaving in a private car. When Zhao Wei made a call, he learned that Wang Wenjie had already got off by the river. Lin Yuhong and others drove to the so-called riverside, but they saw Wang Wenjie standing alone on the riverside. Lin Yuhong and Zhao Wei ran over and asked sharply about the whereabouts of Li Siqi, but Wang Wenjie’s face was rustling with tears and choked with sobs. Saying it was too late, Li Siqi at the moment had already gone to find Wu Niansheng.

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