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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 12 Recap

Because he learned about Guan Yihe’s situation, Ye Huifen thought a lot at home, and simply asked him to meet to open up the conversation, and apologized for what happened before. Ye Huifen was worried that the three million debts would make the young couple living in a tight life, but Guan Yihe comforted Ye Huifen by falsely claiming that he would find a company willing to help him pay the penalty. This made Ye Huifen completely relieved.

Mr. Cui found through investigation that Guan Yihe only submitted his resignation and did not do anything harmful to the company, nor did he switch jobs because of his high salary, but no one in the company knew the real reason for his resignation. Gao Shan and Mary convey Guan Yihe’s attitude to President Cui truthfully, and they also think Guan Yihe is determined to leave the company.

Considering that there are still several important projects to be operated, Mr. Cui assigned Xinhe Heavy Industry’s project to Gaoshan, and wanted the two to cooperate to complete it. Even though Mary was extremely dissatisfied, Mr. Cui had already made a decision and she couldn’t refuse any more, and then left in annoyance.

Ye Xiaobai worries about the work problems after Guan Yihe. Guan Yihe’s boasting ability is not inferior to others, and he believes that it will not take long for his boss to ask him to work. Ye Huifen and Liu Shumin were cooking in the kitchen. Ye Huifen asked her for vinegar and vegetables. When she saw that Liu Shumin was too careful to buy bottled condiments, they used those bags of one or two dollars.

Liu Shumin found that the meal cost more than 500 yuan, and suddenly felt distressed. He immediately called his son to the kitchen and complained that he spent more than five hundred dollars. At the same time, Ye Huifen talked to Ye Xiaobai about the kitchen just now, and she disliked Liu Shumin’s use of cheap condiments, so she told her to eat fewer meals.

Because of the different consumption concepts of the two mothers, they don’t get along harmoniously. Ye Huifen accidentally leaked the liquidated damages, causing Liu Shumin to turn around and go back to the room to become sulking after learning the truth. That night, Guan Yihe took the initiative to comfort Liu Shumin after Ye’s mother and daughter left. In order to prevent the relationship between Liu Shumin and Ye Xiaobai from deteriorating, he hoped that Liu Shumin would not be angry in front of Ye Xiaobai. Liu Shumin knew that his son was capable and died. For the most part, they no longer care.

Because Wang Yueyue and Manson performed very well, and the two departments collaborated on projects, Mary decided to leave them behind and transferred Wang Yueyue to the second department, while Manson followed Gaoshan. Ye Xiaobai learned that Wang Yueyue had become a regular employee, so he prepared fireworks for her in advance, and everyone also held an induction ceremony for the two interns.

In order to get close to Guan Yihe, Zhao Jinzi planned to go to the Fengsheng Company for an interview, so before the interview, he took Liu Xia to the mall to buy clothes, and then came to Fengsheng pretending to be anxious, and asked Ye Xiaobai to take her to find Mr. Cui. Ye Xiaobai mistakenly thought that there was a problem with the fruit industry, and hurriedly took Zhao Jinjin to the Cui office. It happened that Cui was interviewed by reporters.

It is precisely because of Zhao Jinjin’s reckless behavior that both Ye Xiaobai are embarrassed and Mr. Cui feels helpless, but the company has no vacancies, so he refused Zhao Jinzi’s request and asked why she gave up the fruit industry. And came to abundance. Zhao Jinzi bluntly expressed his appreciation of Guan Yihe and hoped to learn in Fengsheng and become a person like him, but she did not know that Guan Yihe had resigned.

Accompanied by Ye Xiaobai, Ye Huifen took the initiative to visit Liu Shumin to apologize, but she still couldn’t bear Liu Shumin’s use of cheap condiments. By the way, she bought a pack of various condiments and said that Ye Xiaobai was allergic to plastic. This is the first time Liu Shumin has seen such a strange allergen, but considering that Ye Xiaobai is pregnant, she should pay more attention to it, so she didn’t say much.

As Liu Shumin searched through all the days of the month and found that it was not suitable for marriage, he discussed with Ye Huifen about getting married next month. Unexpectedly, when Ye Huifen heard these words, she exploded her hair on the spot, thinking that she would be pregnant next month to get married, but she could only agree to her daughter’s face.

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