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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 6 Recap

Xiong Guoliang found Wang Liu’s information. He had gone in for drug trafficking. Xiong Guoliang immediately hunted him down in the square. Chen Sidong tied Xiaoyu as Gan Tianlei. Chen Moon drove over when Wang Liu was arrested, and the police also found the signal had gone. Pork Liu led Yang Xiaolei and Ma Lie into the alley and said that Xiaoyu was there. Chen Sidong gave the knife to Chen Yueliang and left, asking her to be just right.

Yang Xiaolei and Ma Lie successfully found Xiaoyu’s house. Chen Moon had already killed her and ran away. Xiong Guoliang followed the mobile phone signal to come here, and the mobile phone was dropped on Xiaoyu. They were caught in a trap again. Xiong Guoliang and the others were very upset. This is clearly a trap, but who are they going to trap. Tai Yongfeng once again asked Dean Zhang to restore Gan Tianlei’s memory. Dean Zhang advised him to be cautious. After all, even if he restores his memory, what he said may not be the truth.

Gan Xiaonuan was indeed deceived by innocent people, and Yang Xiaolei was relieved. After taking her away, she advised her to think twice before doing things and not be so impulsive. Gan Xiao Nuan called Che Lizi as soon as she left, and did not say that she was arrested. Che Lizi asked her and Gan Tianlei to pay attention to safety, and Gan Xiao Nuan quickly agreed. Gan Tianlei learned that Gan Xiao Nuan had come out and bought her a lot of things.

Gan Xiao Nuan got into a taxi, and the driver was Er Lengzi. Soon, Gan Tianlei received another video, Gan Xiao Nuan was kidnapped, and they wanted to get the goods, otherwise Gan Xiao Nuan would have to die. Gan Tianlei quickly went to Xiong Guoliang to ask for something. As long as he could save Gan Xiao Nuan, it was a trap. Yang Xiaolei and Gan Tianlei were in a mess. Xiong Guoliang had to go to Tai Yongfeng for special approval, and Gan Tianlei had to cooperate. They acted. After all, this was five kilograms of drugs. If something went wrong, the consequences would be disastrous.

The signal source was activated again, and Er Lengzi and others did not tell Shang Tuozi about the kidnapping of Gan Xiao Nuan. They planned to surprise him. Wang Lizi also tied a time bomb on Gan Xiao Nuan. Xiong Guoliang received an inspection report when he was about to handle the case, so he had to deal with this matter first.

Er Lengzi told Gan Tianlei to change into the mobile phone they had prepared. If the police followed him, Gan Xiao Nuan would be dead. Gan Tianlei was worried about her safety and immediately dumped Yang Xiaolei and Ma Lie. There was Gan Tianlei’s fingerprint on the murder weapon that killed Xiaoyu. Xiong Guoliang was anxious. He felt that this was a trap, and asked the forensic doctor to hold it down.

Gan Tianlei got the mobile phone prepared by the other party and threw off his tail. Yang Xiaolei looked for Gan Tianlei’s location according to the mobile phone signal and found that his mobile phone was in the hands of a passerby. Xiong Guoliang asked someone to hold the king’s place, and hurried to the address Yang Xiaolei said.

Gan Tianlei went to a bathhouse according to the address, and the police also found surveillance. Yang Xiaolei and the director Qian of the area quickly said that they would jointly conduct surprise inspections in the name of fighting pornography. Gan Tianlei was asked to go into the water to check his clothes. The people in the bathhouse suddenly moved their hands on him, and Gan Tianlei solved them all by himself.

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