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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 5 Recap

Xiong Guoliang felt that this incident might have happened after Gan Tianlei entered the Caesars Group. Otherwise, he deliberately concealed the incident. As soon as the letter was handed over, Gan Xiaonuan took the initiative to find her. Xiong Guoliang and Yang Xiaolei took her to Gan Tianlei’s DNA was tested, and they were indeed father-daughter. Since then, Yang Xiaolei has been Gan Xiaonuan’s guardian. Tai Yongfeng has been busy with Gan Xiaonuan’s identity and went to the United States for handover.

Gan Tianlei was in a complicated mood when he heard this, saying that he would go back to make soup, and yelled Yang Xiaolei to come back for dinner. Xiao Zhuer confessed that someone urged him, the other party was from the Tan family of Mianchuan, whose surname was Wang. No matter how he was questioned, Zheng Yang said that he didn’t know, and in desperation he confessed that he was an errand runner, arranged by Er Lengzi.

Che Lizi and Monk Bald had a meal together, and Xiaoyu sent a message saying Gan Xiao Nuan had been arrested. This time it was Cherizi’s cannon. Because Shang Tuzi had rolled Gan Xiaowen in, Shang Tuzi hurriedly explained that he was angry but Gan Tianlei wanted to teach Cherizi’s treachery. Che Lizi pierced Shang Bale’s hand with the signature, warning him not to move a strand of Gan Xiao Nuan’s hair. Shang Tianlei still didn’t understand why Gan Tianlei still didn’t move him in treachery. Che Lizi said that his life and death involved a big game of chess, and it was not time to move him.

The clue that Xiao Zhui’er explained was not found by the police. Chen Moon told Tan Laosan and Chen Sidong that there should be someone on the top of Er Lengzi and others. Yang Xiaolei and Ma Lie went to the Momo Bar. The manager said that Xiaoyu hadn’t come for a few days, and her reputation in the circle was not good. No one knew her address. Ma Lie was familiar with the bar, and Yang Xiaolei didn’t forget to tell him, who didn’t learn well, to stay away from Gan Xiaonuan.

Pork Liu was also asking about Xiaoyu. Pork Liu came to Chen Sidong, Tan Laosan and Chen Yueliang, and said that he had tied Gan Xiao Nuan by mistake, and Gan Tianlei was crazy, and said that the police were looking for Xiaoyu. Chen Sidong said it was an opportunity to avenge Tan Xiaoshuai from Xiaoyu.

Gan Xiao Nuan missed her mother very much, and remembered that when she was a child in Los Angeles, Su Ling told her the story of Gan Tianlei. He was a very upright and courageous person. Su Ling did not tell Gan Tianlei about giving birth because he was still in the poison den. Here, she finally walked out of Caesar and must not let her daughter grow up in Caesar.

Che Lizi brought Gan Tianlei into Caesar at the beginning. Uncle Six wanted to give him the finger, but he always felt that there was something intangible on Gan Tianlei, so Che Lizi had to do anything if he made any changes. Get rid of him without hesitation. Uncle Liu asked Gan Tianlei to stare at the group, and Che Lizi stared at home affairs, and Che Lizi also made a promise that as long as he was there, Caesar’s brand would never fail.

Xiong Guoliang asked Yang Xiaolei and Ma Lie to stand by, and the others acted together. Gan Tianlei went to the hospital for a checkup, but he still couldn’t remember anything. Dean Zhang advised him not to be impatient and take medicine to check his body on time. Gan Xiao Nuan received a video from Xiaoyu on his mobile phone, Xiaoyu was kidnapped, and Ma Lie determined that this was Momo Bar.

The video was a bit suspicious, and Yang Xiaolei decided to go to the Momo Bar to confirm with Ma Lie. Xiong Guoliang located the number and immediately went to Fenghua Square. Yang Xiaolei asked Ma Lie to guard at the door, and entered the Momo Bar by herself. Without a word, she tortured the little hooligans inside and solved the men and women in the box.

It was Chen Sidong who kidnapped Xiaoyu. Yang Xiaolei and Ma Lie caught someone who knew Xiaoyu’s location outside the bar. They called Gan Tianlei and said Gan Xiao Nuan was out today and told him not to pick her up. Long memory. Also good.

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