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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 4 Recap

Ma Lie and Gan Tianlei explained that they were only helping Yang Xiaolei take care of Gan Xiaonuan, and only regarded her as a sister, Gan Tianlei reluctantly believed. In the shopping mall, Xiao Zhui’er made an appointment to pick up the goods off-site to get money after inspecting the goods. Yang Xiaolei found that Xiao Zhui’er did not bring the money and immediately terminated the operation, asking them to follow Xiao Zhui’er and lead someone to follow Zheng Yang to get the goods. Ma Lie and Gan Tianlei talked a lot about Gan Xiaonuan’s preferences. Gan Tianlei really couldn’t understand the aesthetics of young people. Ma Lie advised him to tolerate everything Gan Xiaonuan liked.

Ma Lie also used a slide phone. Ma Lie took out his smart phone. If he wanted to get closer to Gan Xiaonuan, he had to learn. Ma Lie also helped him prepare a mobile phone book with rich pictures and texts. The transaction in the mall was still in progress. Yang Xiaolei followed Zheng Yang out of the mall. Xiao Zhuier was arrested by the police as soon as he got the money. There was something wrong with Yang Xiaolei’s situation, and Shang Tuzi quickly changed the delivery address after learning the change. Zheng Yang ran away immediately after finding that there were policemen, and Yang Xiaolei borrowed a car to chase the bus. Chen Moon got on the bus smoothly and followed Gan Xiao Nuan all the way. Zheng Yang was arrested, but the goods were not with him.

Yang Xiaolei noticed something was wrong, the goods seemed to be on Gan Xiaonuan, but the bag was definitely not hers. The two entered the vegetable market downstairs, Yang Xiaolei hurriedly called Ma Lie, and Ma Lie hurriedly left Gan Tianlei and ran away. Gan Tianlei pondered for a long time and decided to go shopping first. Both Liu Liu and Caesar’s former stunzi, both of Tan’s drug trafficking members, were in the vegetable market. Gan Xiao Nuan was in a hurry, as if looking for someone, Yang Xiaolei could only follow her. Shang Bale asked Er Lengzi to get the goods back, and found that this matter was a bit strange.

Xiong Guoliang was on his way to the vegetable market, Yang Xiaolei was deliberately found fault, Gan Xiaonuan was tied up by the opportunity. Gan Tianlei, who came to buy food, heard Gan Xiao Nuan’s cry for help and hurriedly chased him to fight with those people. He also found a car to follow Gan Xiao Nuan’s kidnapped van. Gan Xiao Nuan was tied up by the pig head meat and others. Gan Tianlei chased them down without a word. Gan Xiao Nuan almost fell downstairs. After being rescued, he held Gan Tianlei and cried for a long time. This matter was too strange, Chen Sidong knew Xiao Zhui’er had been caught, and he couldn’t stay here anymore.

Gan Xiao Nuan was taken back to the police station, arguing and refusing to cooperate, Yang Xiaolei slapped her angrily and told her that carrying over 50 grams of drugs is sentenced to death, and Gan Xiao Nuan brought a full five kilograms! Gan Xiao Nuan was scared, Yang Xiaolei held back her tears and asked her to interrogate her. She needed to avoid it. Gan Tianlei was taken to the hospital. Tai Yongfeng came to ask Dean Zhang about his situation. Dean Zhang once again emphasized that Gan Tianlei’s situation could not be stimulated. Gan Tianlei was very worried about Gan Xiaonuan. Tai Yongfeng told Gan Tianlei that he was carrying the honor of all the police officers in the 128 case. Only he knew the truth, and only by knowing the truth can their honor be known.

Gan Xiaonuan told the police in the interrogation room that Ting’s fan support group had a birthday party, but she did not have a quota. Later, someone in the fan group said she had a quota, but asked her to help deliver cosmetics. At this time, Gan Xiao Nuan’s cell phone rang Xiaoyu’s call, and the police asked Gan Xiao Nuan to make a statement. Xiaoyu also knew that there were drugs in it, and Ma Lie discovered from her environment that it was Momo Bar.

Tai Yongfeng hoped that Gan Tianlei would try his best to recall the truth of the year. It is no coincidence that Caesar appeared as soon as he awakened. But Gan Tianlei really couldn’t remember, he didn’t even know if Gan Xiao Nuan was his daughter.

Gan Tianlei was worried that Gan Xiaonuan went to the police station. She didn’t know the truth was involved. The problem was not too big. Gan Tianlei asked Xiong Guoliang for all the materials for Gan Xiao Nuan, and it was Gan Xiao Nuan who found them. In 2014, in Los Angeles, USA, the Adam couple who adopted Gan Xiaonuan died unfortunately, but her mother left her a letter stating that Gan Tianlei was her father and a drug dealer. The Los Angeles police sent an inquiry letter to the police based on the content of the letter, and they learned about the existence of Gan Xiaonuan.

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