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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 3 Recap

Ma Lie and the others immediately took Gan Tianlei, Gan Xiao Nuan and others to leave. Gan Xiao Nuan scolded and got into the car unwillingly. Chen Yue, who was stalking in the dark, immediately started investigating after seeing them leaving, saying that Gan Tianlei was there. Something is missing. Cherries have always lived in the past, living in Su Ling’s death. Gan Xiao Nuan and Gan Tianlei were cooking together, and the kitchen almost exploded.

Gan Xiao Nuan looked embarrassed when he watched his cooking. Gan Xiao Nuan Fanyu reminded Gan Tianlei of the scene when he was churning vegetables when he was a child and was criticized by his father, so he immediately educates Gan Xiao Nuan, Gan Xiao Nuan is angry and wronged, this fish is confused, how can she eat without stirring! When the police monitoring them saw this, Gan Xiao Nuan was involved in an injustice.

Yang Xiaolei was arranged for a blind date again by the family. The other party was in good conditions and was also very satisfied with Yang Xiaolei. Yang Xiaolei found various excuses to shirk, and finally lied that she had a daughter, and the other party immediately ran away. Gan Xiao Nuan asked Ma Lie to deliver the food. Ma Lie heard that the fish was made by Gan Tianlei and flattered him and said it was delicious. Gan Tianlei asked him to finish all the food. Ma Lie secretly threw up when he saw him go to the kitchen. Gan Xiao Nuan complained to Ma Lie that Gan Tianlei beat herself, and Ma Lie quickly comforted and beat her to be profanity or love. After all, she is Gan Tianlei’s daughter.

Xiong Guoliang also came and took a bunch of delicious foods. Seeing that the air pressure at home was a bit low, I knew that Gan Tianlei and Gan Xiao Nuan were awkward, so he hurried to persuade Gan Tianlei and Gan Xiao Nuan to talk about education methods, and also take care of themselves. Since putting on his gloves to help him wash the dishes, Gan Tianlei has only lived for a few days after all, so he can be considered a guest.

Gan Tianlei couldn’t refute, he also wanted to move away, but Gan Xiaonuan couldn’t do without Yang Xiaolei. Without her, their father and daughter would not be able to get along, and they would fight like today. Xiong Guoliang then asked Gan Tianlei what he thought of Yang Xiaolei. Gan Tianlei said that he had a shadow in his heart and no one could replace him. As for what he owed Yang Xiaolei, he would pay it back. After walking around for a long time, Gan Tianlei finally understood that Xiong Guoliang was interesting to Yang Xiaolei, Xiong Guoliang was embarrassed, and quickly found an excuse and ran away.

The police came to the hotel to check the surveillance but found that someone had moved their hands and feet. The proprietress said that last night a girl said that she helped Gan Tianlei find something and checked the surveillance, but she did not register her identity information. Xiong Guoliang heard that Yang Xiaolei went on a blind date again and was jealous, but Yang Xiaolei’s attitude towards him has been evasive. The police went to the construction site to find someone and found that the person carving the pattern at the homestay was named Deng Ergou, but Deng Ergou had fallen off the construction site when they arrived. Chen Moon has been following the police, and Chen Sidong told her to come back and say there is a new mission.

The street drug dealer Xiao Zhuer brought some goods that were available on the market to meet the Tan family, and the other party asked him to continue to scan the goods. Caesar’s old ministry, Shang Balezi, Da Biaozi, Er Lengzi and others were fooling around together. Xiao Zhui’er called for one million goods, and the two parties agreed to deliver the goods tomorrow. Shang Tuzi and others decided to let Zheng Yang deliver the goods.

They also asked him to recognize Da Biaozi and Er Lengzi as brothers, and gave him a new name, Sanbengzi, and the Tan family was ready to dig three feet tomorrow. It is so strange that Deng Ergou carved Caesar’s logo. The worker said he had contact with a woman before the incident. The police got news that Xiao Zhuer and Zheng Yang would deliver the goods tomorrow, and Xiong Guoliang had arranged for tomorrow’s action and the meeting ended.

Public Security Bureau patrol officer Li Ke found a suspicious vehicle near the mall, but Xiong Guoliang came forward to patrol and told him that he was performing a task. He told him to walk around the car. Li Ke reminded him that the car is not stalled strange. Gan Xiao Nuan went out and asked Ma Lie to accompany Gan Tianlei at home.

The mall was closely monitored by the police, under the command of Yang Xiaolei and Xiong Guoliang respectively. Ma Lie gave Gan Tianlei an idea. If you want to get closer to Gan Xiaonuan, you need to understand her preferences. Gan Xiaonuan likes tarot cards. His favorite idol is called Ah Ting, and there is a picture of him under the pillow. Gan Tianlei noticed that Ma Lie had misconducted Gan Xiao Nuan, and Ma Lie laughed.

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