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The Burning River 迷雾追踪 Episode 9 Recap

Wu Xiaojun’s car drove up the mountain road and finally stopped in front of the wooden house where Wu Niansheng was. Bringing medicines into the house, Wu Xiaojun suddenly heard the brakes of Zhao Wei and others driving the vehicle and walked out of the door indifferently. Zhao Wei and Lin Yuhong rushed into the door without seeing Wu Niansheng himself. Zhao Wei uncontrollably grabbed Wu Xiaojun by the collar. , Asked Wu Xiaojun to hand over Wu Niansheng’s whereabouts.

Wu Xiaojun frowned and looked at Lin Yuhong and the others, saying that he could not see the appearance of his father’s illness. He came to the wooden house to deliver medicine every two months. As for Wu Niansheng’s true whereabouts, Wu Xiaojun had no idea. Lin Yuhong watched Wu Xiaojun’s young and stubborn face drooping, and said no more. A colleague from the police station on the other side called and said that the tape in Wu Niansheng’s house had been successfully repaired, and the contents were all related to the girl Zhou Can who disappeared that year.

It turns out that Zhou Can was really caught by Wu Niansheng when he was about to elope with her boyfriend in Zhejiang and brought into the basement of the wooden house. Zhou Can, who was tied up by five flowers, looked at Wu Niansheng’s indifferent face, and couldn’t stop crying. When Wu Niansheng asked about the photos, Zhou Can pushed all the mistakes to Li Jiajia with a brainstorm. Who knows that Wu Niansheng said that Li Jiajia and Zhou Can planned the beginning of the matter. Seeing that Zhou Can didn’t intend to admit it, Wu Niansheng imprisoned Zhou Can in the basement, holding a camera to face each other all day.

Zhou Can almost couldn’t hold on to the mental breakdown, shouting to Wu Niansheng for help. But Wu Niansheng was eager for her daughter, and her daughter’s face echoed in the nightmare every day and night. Such repeated torture forced Wu Niansheng to insist on imprisoning Zhou Can. When he was helpless, Zhou Can had to tell the fact that he was also involved. Knowing this was the case, when Wu Niansheng heard Zhou Can narrate the fact that several people drugged their daughter Hu Yiting and forced to take nude photos. Hu Yiting was stunned by the partnership between Li Jiajia and Zhou Can.

Just as Li Jiajia was about to take off Hu Yiting’s clothes and took out the camera to take pictures, the driver Zhao Changsong suddenly knocked on the door in the name of delivering supplements and saw the drug on the bed and the clothes next to him. Zhao Changsong soon learned of the motives of the two taking nude photos, but Zhao Changsong did not intend to stop them. Instead, he asked Li Jiajia and others to leave the room and take out the camera himself, otherwise he would have to take what Li Jiajia and others did.

To spread out. Li Jiajia and Zhou Can, who were bullying and fearful of hardship, still yielded and walked out of the room. Hearing this, Wu Niansheng’s spirit was close to collapse, and a huge sense of anger drove Wu Niansheng to take out a hammer and seal the door to the basement. Zhou Can’s cries and the figure of her daughter Hu Yiting in Wu Niansheng’s mind were mixed together. The goal of digging the truth drove Wu Niansheng to commit an online car-hailing case.

However, Li Jiajia at the time also claimed that he did not know that Zhao Changsong did to Hu Yiting. What happened, begged Wu Niansheng to give him a way out. Seeing Wu Niansheng indifferent, Li Jiajia showed an insidious and rampant face, clamoring to find the underworld to teach Wu Niansheng, and even verbally insulted her late daughter Hu Yiting. It was this bold speech that stimulated Wu Niansheng’s nerves. He once again raised the hammer, and another life died under Wu Niansheng’s hands.

After Lin Yuhong and Zhao Wei watched the video, they were speechless. Obviously, Wu Niansheng’s every move was to find out the truth about the Hu Yiting incident. But why did Wu Niansheng post photos of Wei Lijun and his son Zihao? This move made Lin Yuhong have to doubt the innocence of his ex-husband Wei Lijun.

Zhao Wei received the news and knew about the news from Director Zhou, the attending physician who treated Wu Niansheng, so he went to visit Director Zhou with Lin Yuhong and looked at Zhao Changsong’s photos. Director Zhou said that Zhao Changsong’s injuries were quite serious, but it was not caused by a car accident. Was injured. When I looked back and found Wei Lijun, Wei Lijun vainly said that he and Wu Niansheng had met several times. Wei Lijun simply took the content of the conversation and said that he didn’t want to participate in this muddy water, but let Lin Zian handle it.

Know that Wei Lijun will not provide effective clues. Lin Yuhong looked back at the park where Wei Lijun was photographed that day, carefully observed every surveillance, and finally found the figure of the mysterious photographer, but it was not Wu Niansheng himself. After taking the photo, the mysterious man walked to the corner until Wu Niansheng Appeared, after the two met, they seemed to be plotting something, and they talked for a while. A new clue appeared. Lin Yuhong and others quickly looked up the surveillance of the surrounding shops, and finally saw the face of this mysterious man, it turned out to be Li Siqi.

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