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The Burning River 迷雾追踪 Episode 10 Recap

It turns out that Li Siqi appeared in that park more than once, and even before Zhao Changsong and Li Jiajia had an accident, Li Siqi met Wu Niansheng in the park. The police colleague inquired that Li Siqi had been talking to the same unfamiliar number for a long time, and the place of each call was near Wei Lijun’s residence…

Lin Yuhong and others arrived at Li Siqi’s residence. When confronted with the police’s question, Li Siqi just knitted a sweater on her own. When Lin Yuhong asked about Zhao Changsong’s rape of Hu Yiting, Li Siqi had been hiding in the toilet, and Li Siqi indifferently raised her head to look at Lin Yuhong. Lin Yuhong suddenly threw the collected information in front of Li Siqi.

Looking at herself in the photo, Li Siqi slowly said that she had met Wu Niansheng. Back then, Wu Niansheng ambushed at the door of Li Siqi’s house, holding a pitch-black muzzle at Li Siqi. The powerful fear forced Li Siqi to tremble violently. Wu Niansheng asked why Li Siqi didn’t call the police at that time, but recalled that dark day, but also with intense fear, the timid and fearful Li Siqi did not dial the alarm button for a long time.

Later, Wu Niansheng forced Li Siqi to provide information to himself, so as to ensure the safety of Li Siqi’s family. An emotional Zhao Wei on the side asked Wu Niansheng’s next plan. Li Siqi mentioned Wei Lijun’s name. Lin Yuhong suddenly looked up. Everything was exactly as he had expected. Wei Lijun’s situation and the story behind it were not as simple as he said. When Zhao Wei asked about the exact plan, Li Siqi said that he had found explosives in Wu Niansheng’s car…

The roaring police car quickly alarmed the residents of the community where Wei Lijun was located. The police in the blockade looked for the whereabouts of the bomb in the apartment with a detector, but found nothing. Wei Lijun strongly requested to move to Shanghai, but Lin Yuhong was worried about the safety of his son Zihao and rejected Wei Lijun. Seeing Wei Lijun’s back angrily left, Lin Yuhong had a headache. Zhao Wei on the side wondered how Wu Niansheng’s crazily desire for painkillers would not happen at all. Zhao Wei suspected that Wu Niansheng didn’t use his name when seeking medicine.

Taking the names of several people involved in the case, Zhao Wei and Lin Yuhong searched all the formal and informal clinics in the city, and finally in an unknown clinic, they matched the clues with the pictures of Wu Niansheng with their familiar names. It happened that the doctor Lin who diagnosed and treated still kept Wu Niansheng’s phone number. Prepared all the monitoring equipment, Lin Yuhong and others set up a monitoring trap. Sure enough, based on the dialogue between the two, Wu Niansheng was located in the community.

Assembling the horses, Lin Yuhong and others came to Wu Niansheng’s community and searched the residential buildings. Just as Xiao Ma found a dilapidated and suspicious minibus and wanted to get closer to search, Wu Niansheng, who was hiding in the car, stepped on the accelerator. Ignoring Zhao Wei who was in front of him, he rushed onto the road. Zhao Wei arrested eagerly, hurried to follow him, and contacted Lin Yuhong by radio. But reluctantly encountered a traffic jam, Zhao Wei became the only person to pursue Wu Niansheng. In order to persuade Wu Niansheng to surrender, Zhao Wei insisted on shouting to Wu Niansheng. A sudden large truck crashed into two cars.

Zhao Wei’s car fell off the driveway. He also smashed his head and collapsed on the seat. The phone kept vibrating, but Zhao Wei was stuck between the car seats, looking at the figure of Wu Niansheng on the other side walking towards him in a daze. Zhao Wei was severely injured and couldn’t move until he fell out of the car door. Zhao Wei also shouted to Wu Niansheng with disability. Wu Niansheng just watched Zhao Wei’s fall indifferently, took the walkie-talkie to Zhao Wei’s ear, and said silently: All this is about to end.

Lin Yuhong heard the intermittent voice from the other side of the walkie-talkie, and Zhao Wei struggled to say that he had overturned the car. Lin Yuhong’s heart was grasped, and together with Xiao Ma, speeding up the car anxiously, only then found Zhao Wei’s figure. Seeing Zhao Wei’s face covered with blood, Lin Yuhong approached and screamed Zhao Wei’s name, and the colleagues beside him were also anxiously Call an ambulance. Looking at Lin Yuhong’s hysterical appearance, Zhao Wei just felt that his eyelids were heavy, as if he was about to fall into a dream.

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