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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 36 End Recap

Jiang Shuo is actually an experimental volunteer of Dr. Qin Yiheng. His assistant Yuan Muqing brought Jiang Shuo to Qin Yiheng. As a real estate agent, he has been haunted by nightmares since he sold a house. The man named Liuzhi was threatening him. The police could not find the man named Liuzhi and suggested that he go to the hospital. In desperation, he had to come to Qin Yiheng to try his luck. Jiang Shuo showed Qin Yiheng the threat and harassment messages sent to him by “Six Fingers”, but what Qin Yiheng saw was nothing.

Qin Yiheng took Jiang Shuo to lie in an instrument. He wanted to enter Jiang Shuo’s subconscious through this instrument. Before that, he took two photos as Jiang Shuo’s heart anchor. He assured Jiang Shuo that he would guarantee his Safety. Jiang Shuo entered his subconscious and saw the entire Republic of China world. Qin Yiheng set up a string of codes to treat Jiang Shuo’s illness. Unexpectedly, during the treatment, Qin Yiheng was assassinated by Jiang Shuo’s personality and entered Jiang Shuo’s second subconscious mind. Qin Yiheng sent Jiang Shuo out before he died. In order to save Qin Yiheng, Jiang Shuo begged Yuan Muqing to take him. Entering his second subconscious, then he has all the things that he was picked up from the grave by the master without words.

Jiang Shuo’s sub-personality began to persuade Jiang Shuo to destroy his heart anchor-that picture. If he destroys this photo, he will not be able to wake up, and his body will be occupied by the sub-personality. Personality uses his subconscious relatives to contain Jiang Shuo. Qin Yiheng also thought of everything at this time, and helped Jiang Shuo to solve the six fingers together, but the sub-personality threatened Jiang with Yuan Muqing, Buyan master, and other people in the courtyard. Shuo personally destroyed the anchor of the heart.

But at this moment, Qin Yi, who had fainted, woke up. He followed the pace of the two and entered the prison. He found Jiang Shuo’s sub-personality “Six Fingers”. He shot “Six Fingers” but “Six Fingers”. It is Jiang Shuo, kill him, Jiang Shuo will also die, then everything here will no longer exist. Qin Yiheng hurried over to find his father. Before he could persuade Qin Yi, “Six Fingers” impatiently pressed the first bomb. He forced Jiang Shuo to make a choice and shot Qin Yiheng. Who knew Qin Yi suddenly He stood in front of him and died for him. Qin Yiheng’s death made Qin Yiheng very sad.

Seeing that “Six Fingers” was about to attack Qin Yiheng again, Jiang Shuo picked up the dagger beside him and threatened him with his own life, so “Six Fingers” told them the key to the prison. Jiang Shuo stayed and questioned whether “Six Fingers” was necessary. Instead of himself, Qin Yiheng rescued everyone and sent them back to the ship. After they escaped, Jiang Shuo personally destroyed his heart anchor by making an appointment. “Six Fingers” replaced Jiang Shuo. He also said that he was going to punish evil and promote good and walk the way for the sky. Jiang Shuo knew he could not change the “six fingers”. Can commit suicide with a dagger to prevent “six fingers”.

At this time Qin Yiheng rushed to the Rubik’s Cube. He didn’t want Jiang Shuo to die like this, so he snapped his fingers. After Jiang Shuo woke up, he found himself lying on the bed safely. He walked out the door but found that everything was familiar and unfamiliar. Not to mention the master told him that he was going to marry Yuan Muqing soon. He returned to the room and opened a curtain. Seeing this, he finally remembered Qin Yiheng.

At this time, in the real world, Dr. Qin Yiheng Qin had already woke up. He left Jiang Shuo’s subconscious at the last moment, allowing Jiang Shuo to enter his third subconscious. He adjusted his strategy. Although Jiang Shuo might wake up, But he couldn’t be sure whether it was his master or sub-personality who woke up. Jiang Shuo opened his eyes in the next second.

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