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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 11 Recap

Ye Xiaobai considered it again and again, and decided to take the initiative to resign, and then went to see Mary with the resignation report that had already been written, but she didn’t expect Mary to be out of the office. Guan Yihe took Ye Xiaobai to dine with the two mothers, and asked her about her resignation by the way. He couldn’t help but feel a little regretful when she learned that she could not successfully hand in the resignation letter.

Because Ye Xiaobai had morning sickness symptoms, Ye Huifen took her to the bathroom and happened to see her resignation report in her bag, so she was immediately furious when she learned that her daughter planned to resign without telling her.

That night, Ye Huifen took the initiative to ask Yihe to meet, and opened the door to reveal what the two people were deceiving. Ye Huifen knew about her daughter and concluded that this letter of resignation was written by Guan Yihe instructing Ye Xiaobai. Although Ye Xiaobai was also the planner of this matter, Ye Huifen never believed that people would give up themselves for love, or even the value of life pursuit.

Ye Huifen believes that his daughter is not an accessory and does not belong to anyone, nor does he care about his relationship with Ye Xiaobai. Ye Huifen asked Guan Yihe why he likes Ye Xiaobai, and Guan Yihe said that there are many female employees in Fengsheng, but Ye Xiaobai is the only one who works hard and has an IKEA room.

Because of this, Ye Huifen hopes that Guan Yihe understands Ye Xiaobai’s outstanding features and should not let her obliterate her future and dreams because of her family. In the end, Guan Yihe thought twice and decided to resign and leave the company. He didn’t want Ye Xiaobai to compromise, he wanted to complete the other’s sense of accomplishment in his career.

The next day, colleagues talked a lot in private. Everyone guessed the reason for Guan Yihe’s resignation. Even President Cui also asked Gaoshan about the situation, but the dimension Guan Yihe was full of chic. When Ye Xiaobai heard the news of Guan Yihe’s resignation, he was shocked. Ma Wen suddenly thought of the photos taken two days ago and thought that Guan Yihe resigned because of his love affair. Just as everyone was chatting, Guan Yihe suddenly appeared, and they were scared to return to their posts immediately. Taking advantage of Ye Xiaobai’s attention, Guan Yihe leaned forward and kissed her stealthily, even blowing kisses frequently to make her feel at ease.

Mary knew that Ye Xiaobai and Guan Yihe had a good relationship, so she called Ye Xiaobai to the office and admitted that no matter what reason Guan Yihe left, she didn’t want anyone in her group to leave. Ye Xiaobai heard that Guan Yihe had to pay a penalty of 3 million for his resignation. After get off work, he went to see Guan Yihe to discuss a remedy. He even cried guiltily. Guan Yihe quickly comforted him and said that he would solve it properly.

Ye Xiaobai returned home and took the initiative to inform Ye Huifen of the truth. He also frowned because of three million. Ye Huifen is not an unreasonable person, and three million is not a small sum. She couldn’t bear to learn about the situation of the prospective son-in-law. Wang Yueyue told the prince about Guan Yihe’s resignation, but the prince was worried that he would not be able to take care of Wang Yueyue in the company after he resigned.

President Cui didn’t want to lose talents like Guan Yihe, so he asked Gao Shan and Mary to persuade him. The two of them please control Yihe to drink. It is not only to disperse the wine, but also to keep the wine, but it is a pity that Guan Yihe made up his mind and avoided mentioning the reason for leaving, but he promised not to harm any interests of Fengsheng, and then he will hold Several of the projects were entrusted to Takayama and Mary.

Zhao Jinzi stayed in Shenzhen for nearly half a month, but she didn’t do anything other than spend a lot of money. She even stayed at home and played games every day. Zhao Chengfu couldn’t stand it, so he finished dealing with the things on hand, and immediately took the latest flight to Shenzhen, planning to take Zhao Jinjin back.

However, Zhao Jinjin refused to leave, claiming that he had found a job. In order to convince Zhao Chengfu, Zhao Jinzi directly took him to see Liu Xia, and even lied that Liu Xia was the manager of a live and happy job interviewing for his job. When Zhao Fucheng saw Liu Xia riding an electric bike to work, he doubted his identity and planned to use a few questions to prevent the other party from confessing.

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