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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 10 Recap

Zhao Jinjin spent a lot of money, and at the same time brought three cleaning staff to clean up. Liu Xia thought that the cleaning cost was too high, so he contacted a friend who opened a cleaning company. As a result, Zhao Jinjin expressed his gratitude to Liu Xia and asked him about Guan Yihe again, and even asked him for the address. Liu Xia was overwhelmed, so she called Guan Yihe quickly.

Because of Ye Huifen’s firm attitude, the two young men looked sad again, and occasionally hid in the car during breaks to discuss how to persuade his mother. Regarding Ye Huifen’s request, Ye Xiaobai explained that she had expectations of herself, so she did not want to resign. In fact, Guan Yihe also expressed his understanding. However, as an executive in the company, he not only has a high salary and is suitable for supporting a family, but also There are several important projects that will bring losses to the company if you suddenly resign.

At the time of unscrupulous plans, Guan Yihe suddenly saw Ma Wen coming from the opposite side. In order to prevent the love affair from being exposed, he directly took up the suit to cover Ye Xiaobai, and then blocked the sight of the car window with a kiss. Unexpectedly, after seeing Marvin, he secretly took photos and shared them with colleagues.

For a while, Guan Yihe’s girlfriend soon became a hot topic, and colleagues were speculating about the identity and appearance of the woman. Gao Shan teased Guan Yihe not to tell himself when he fell in love, but Guan Yihe reminded him not to gossip about privacy. Ye Xiaobai was extremely nervous when he knew it, so he deliberately kept a distance from Guan Yihe in the company.

Guan Yihe and Ye Xiaobai discussed first to obey Ye Huifen’s request, and then resign after Ye Huifen returned to his hometown. Liu Shumin didn’t know the truth, and was annoyed that his son had sacrificed too much. He didn’t expect Ye Huifen to guess the intention of the two, and took out the prenuptial agreement on the spot, asking Guan Yihe to sign it.

This divorce agreement does not involve property, but makes it clear that Guan Yihe is not allowed to interfere with Ye Xiaobai’s career in the name of his family. Guan Yihe hesitated. He knew that if he signed, it would mean the plan was ruined. Liu Shumin couldn’t sit still for a moment, and angrily accused Ye Huifen of making unreasonable troubles. He didn’t expect the children to live their lives. The peace talks broke up, Ye Xiaobai understood his mother’s good intentions, and at the same time was considering how to choose.

In the company, Wang Yueyue and Manson are still fighting openly and secretly, competing with each other for opportunities to become positive. The two deliberately stay in the company to work overtime, showing the appearance of hard work. It’s just that Wang Yueyue’s strategy is better than Manson. Every time she sends an email, she appears to be more motivated.

Gao Shan saw that Wang Yueyue was still at the company in the middle of the night, so he offered to send her home. It happened that the prince was waiting for his daughter to get off work downstairs, but he saw his daughter sitting in a strange man’s car. Originally, the prince had no good impression of Gaoshan, but Gaoshan was good at liking people. According to the jeep that the prince drove, he concluded that he was a car lover, so he dispelled the prince’s dissatisfaction with him through the knowledge he knew.

After Gao Gao left, Wang Yueyue faced her father’s interrogation and took the initiative to admit that Gao Shan is the most suitable candidate for her future husband. Unlike Ye Xiaobai, she believes that it is necessary for a woman to get married and have children. Instead of working hard in her career every day, Marry a good man.

Ye Huifen knew that it was difficult for her daughter to be caught in the middle because of her own reasons, so she found the prince and hoped that he would persuade Yizuru. For the happiness of his daughter, the prince invited Yihe to dinner that night, said something at the dinner table, and also helped Ye Huifen to say good things. Afterwards, Guan Yihe personally wrote the prenuptial agreement to let Ye Huifen feel relieved, and the mother and daughter of the Ye family were quite moved by this.

Since Ye Huifen planned to wait until Ye Xiaobai got married before returning to his hometown, Ye Xiaobai sent a message to Guan Yihe, expressing that he wanted to secretly resign, and then hid at the prince every day and pretended to go to work to deal with Ye Huifen. Guan Yihe received the news from Ye Xiaobai at the meeting and couldn’t help but laugh. Fortunately, everyone was discussing the content of the meeting. Only Gao Shan noticed this detail.

Because Mary takes care of her son, she often asks for leave. Even though Mr. Cui appreciates Mary’s talents, she is also quite dissatisfied with her recent situation. He simply arranges for Guan Yihe to accept the Xinhe project and let him replace Mary to see Mr. Qin.

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