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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 1 Recap

Outside Myanmar, on New Year’s Eve in 2011, the six uncles of the crime syndicate at the Caesars Group’s headquarters played cards with a group of elders. While discussing the difficulty of getting goods in Myanmar, the shaved heads, leather hats, and masters were very dissatisfied. The police undercover Gan Tianlei. At this time, there was also a Sino-Myanmar joint action team preparing to capture the drug lord Caesar, and Xiong Guoliang, deputy captain of the anti-drug detachment of the Public Security Bureau, and Tai Yongfeng, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau, were closely preparing.

Gan Tianlei contacted the police while playing cards with his master Che Lizi, Liu Shu and others. The New Year fireworks sounded, and everyone toasted to congratulations. Six uncles suggested that Gan Tianlei should be included in the presbytery, and the elders agreed. Uncle Six’s daughter Su Ling came back. She broke contact with Uncle Six after reporting her father’s drug trafficking. This time she came back and shook hands with Uncle Six because of Gan Tianlei. The condition was that Su Ling would marry Gan Tianlei. . Gan Tianlei looked embarrassed, he has a fiancee.

When Su Ling came, Gan Tianlei didn’t expect her fiancée to be her, nor did she know that she was the daughter of the sixth uncle. Su Ling whispered in Gan Tianlei’s ear, I know who you are. Gan Tianlei gritted his teeth and Su Ling shouldn’t come back. He said he would marry Su Ling after today, but she changed everything when she came back.

Su Ling came back just to let Gan Tianlei leave safely, love can contain everything. Gan Tianlei pressed the annunciator without hesitation, love cannot reverse black and white. When the net retraction started, police cars surrounded the Caesars Group, Liu Shu and others went to the safe passage without panic, Gan Tianlei was also found undercover. Su Ling tied explosives and threatened Uncle Six to let him go, but unexpectedly the bomb exploded. The truth of the night when the Caesars Group closed the net was wiped out with the explosion.

Eight years later. Anti-drug detachment Yang Xiaolei and his daughter Gan Xiaonuan came to the hospital together. Gan Xiaolei advised Yang Xiaolei not to waste her youth on Gan Tianlei. Gan Tianlei had been lying down because of the explosion for eight years. In the abandoned factory in the southern suburbs, Tan Xiaoshuai of the Tan Group found that Caesar was alive, and their goods were still mixed with the Tan’s goods. Chen Sidong, the backbone of the Tan drug cartel, and Tan Lao San Tan Xiaoshuai are dealing with the traitors. The police came. Tan Xiaoshuai ran away after wounding several policemen and was surrounded by special anti-narcotics police. Tan Xiaoshuai could only ask his father Tan Laosan and his uncle Chen Si to leave Gandu in the car, and then made a final call to Tan Po, the drug trafficking leader of the Tan Group in Liuyan Village, Mianchuan.

Tan Xiaoshuai was held down as soon as he walked out, and Xiong Guoliang asked someone to take him away. Tan Laosan was angry and sad when he learned that Tan Xiaoshuai was in trouble. Chen Sidong received a mysterious phone call, telling him that Caesar was back and that the good days of the Tan family had come to an end and the debts owed by the Tan family should be paid. Gan Tianlei woke up. He woke up in an unfamiliar hospital ward with a splitting headache. He caught the doctor in a daze. Gan Tianlei looked at Xiong Guoliang beside the bed with an unfamiliar face. Yang Xiaolei and Gan Xiaonuan were attending the awards ceremony and were emotionally excited when they received a call.

Xiong Guoliang circled around the amnesia Gan Tianlei and said a lot about them at the police academy. Marui, the captain of the anti-drug detachment, found the information of the Caesars Group. Although the Caesars Group has been approved, there are still some problems. The key to solving the problems is Gan Tianlei. The explosion caused Gan Tianlei’s memory to be damaged. His memory was not lost, but it was fragmented.

Dean Zhang and Tai Yongfeng described the cause of Gan Tianlei. Gan Xiao Nuan rushed to the ward and called Dad the first sentence, crying and touching Gan Tianlei’s face. Gan Tianlei looked at her, but Su Ling’s face was all in his mind. Gan Xiaonuan looked at Yang Xiaolei, Xiong Guoliang hurriedly explained to Gan Tianlei that she was not his wife, and that Yang Xiaolei was Gan Xiaonuan’s godmother.

As for who Gan Xiaonuan’s biological mother was, only Gan Tianlei knew. Yang Xiaolei walked towards Gan Tianlei Dao with a complicated expression. After long time no see, Gan Tianlei was puzzled again, and Xiong Guoliang reminded him that his memory was damaged. When the three were in the police academy, Yang Xiaolei was also taking care of their father and daughter. Yang Xiaolei wiped her tears, and shook hands with Gan Tianlei and said she wanted to meet again.

In Liuyan Village of Mianchuan, Tan Po and others plan to rescue Tan Xiaoshuai. After all, he is his grandson. All of this was done by Caesar. Although the explosion killed Caesar’s elders, there were always some shrimp soldiers and crabs. Gan Xiao Nuan quietly called Che Lizi and said Gan Tianlei was awake, but he lost his memory. In Longduhui, the police lurked here. Ma Lie swayed and found an abnormality on the dance floor, and successfully caught the person hiding the drug. Xiong Guoliang asked someone to take them back. Che Lizi saw everything and knew that this point was no longer valid, and asked someone to find the next point.

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