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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 34 Recap

Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng found the Ye Yin organization in his house, but they couldn’t know the identity of the group leader, so they became the four members of Ye Yin’s organization. Because it was Ah Si’s house, he treated his wife and daughter. He has feelings, so he wants to betray the organization, but he is surrounded and killed by the organization. Jiang Shuo and the others knew that Ah Si cared about his wife and daughter, and Yingzi’s hairpin appeared on Yuan Muqing’s aunt’s body, indicating that Yingzi was probably in the hands of the leader of Ye Yin’s organization.

In order to prevent his wife and daughter from being harmed, Ah Si finally got a little loose. Jiang Shuo promised to protect his wife and daughter. Then he opened Ah Si’s mouth. It turned out that Ah Si’s daughter accidentally broke in while they were drawing a confidential map. , The organization was about to kill his daughter, so Ah Si took the map and escaped. Ah Si didn’t know who the team leader was, but he knew how to lead the team leader. He asked Jiang Shuo and the others to use the map hidden in the rattle to lure the team leader. After rescuing his wife and daughter, he would transfer the information on the map. Tell them the number password.

Jiang Shuo and the others accidentally discovered that the map drawn on the drawing turned out to be the map of the Yinhe River. Strangely, in the four mouths, this was the key map for the victory of the Japanese Empire, so they followed the method of the four in the soup house. Mark to lure the appearance of the leader Ye Yin. The police waited in the soup house for a long time without anyone, but there was an accident at the police station. Only Lao Zhu’s good brother was left in the police station. He saw Mr. Wan who rushed over and thought he was doing it for himself. Madam came, but Mr. Wan directly killed him, and he silently left a clue before his death.

After waiting for a long time in front of the soup house, everyone finally realized that it was wrong and reanalyzed it. Qin Yiheng said that Ah Si was just to distract them. Sure enough, when they returned to the police station, they only looked at Xiao Hei’s body and the missing Ah Si. The word “wan” was found in the mouth of Xiaohei’s corpse, and there was another word “Rong” on the chair where Ah Si left. All the clues point to Yuan Muqing’s uncle Wan Jinrong. Yuan Muqing can’t accept this at all. The fact is that her uncle and aunt love each other so much. She doesn’t believe that her aunt killed her aunt, but that is the case. Yuan Muqing can only admit his fate and tell Jiang Shuo that there is a match factory in Wan Jinrong, which is located in the cave. middle.

Sheriff Bai came to the match factory with an anger, but was injured by half of his troops by the four children trained by Wan Jinrong. Wan Jinrong still had Yingzi and her children as hostages. Yuan Muqing wanted to kill The man who killed his aunt was injured because of impulse. Everyone had no choice but to take Wan Jinrong, so Jiang Shuo asked Qin Yiheng to take Yuan Muqing away. Jiang Shuo picked up the map and threatened Wan Jinrong. Wan Jinrong finally released the hostages for the map. Qin Yiheng attacked them from the other side. A Si took advantage of the chaos and took his wife and daughter away, but was ambushed on the way to escape. Si finally died, but before he died he protected his wife and daughter.

Wan Jinrong chased Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng away. They were no match for Wan Jinrong. In the end, Wan Jinrong took the map of Yinhe. He got into a car and left. Qin Yiheng saw that the driver in the car turned out to be him. His father, Qin Yi, and Jiang Shuo were shocked. Yuan Muqing’s sister died just like that. Yuan Muqing was in grief. The Yuan Dynasty angrily sent his army to arrest Wan Jinrong and Qin Yi with all his strength, and also wanted to capture Jiang Shuo back.

Yuan Muqing missed her aunt in her garden. The wanted Jiang Shuo suddenly appeared in front of Yuan Muqing. He also painted a kite with the two of them by himself. Jiang Shuo assured Yuan Muqing that he would wait for six fingers. , He must fulfill his promise and come back to marry Yuan Muqing, Yuan Muqing began to smile. Qin Yiheng was called in front of the Governor of Yuan Dynasty. The Governor of Yuan Dynasty was going to anger Qin Yiheng and tortured him. Jiang Shuo suddenly appeared and organized them.

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