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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 33 Recap

The three Jiang Shuo searched for clues in the soup house and went back to the police station to discuss their ideas together. Agui accepted Tang Ming’s goods, indicating that the goods were very suspicious. Yuan Muqing thought of the gunfire, Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing’s eyes fell on Qin Yiheng’s body at the same time. Qin Yiheng was very injured. He was worried that he would be excited and misbehaving because of the Qin family. So he took off his identity ring and gave the ring to Jiang Shuo for safekeeping.

Yuan Muqing consciously said the wrong thing and left first to find new clues from the children, but the children were still very silent. No matter what they asked, the children were reluctant to speak. Yuan Muqing’s aunt recently discovered her husband’s abnormality. Not only was she out of her mind, she also often left home. Although she told Yuan Muqing, she refused to let Yuan Muqing go to confront her husband, so Yuan Muqing had to give up.

The first thing Qin Yiheng did after leaving was to interrogate his brother. He didn’t understand why the Qin family had to smuggle arms. He wanted to know what the murder case had to do with his family, but Qin Yichi insisted not to carry the goods. tell them. Qin Yichi is devoted to the Qin family, but what he is doing now happens to harm the Qin family. When the entire Changshanzhou’s eyes are focused on this matter, the Qin family is also in a disaster. Even so, Qin Yichi is still unwilling. Informed, and also accused Qin Yiheng of taking off the family’s symbolic ring.

Qin Yiheng ignored Qin Yichi’s threat and went straight back to the Da Zayuan to join Jiang Shuo. The ancestor tattooist had already taken refuge in hiding. Jiang Shuo had already brought different varieties of persimmons, and wanted Yuan Muqing and Qin Yiheng to think about it together. Think about what “persimmon” means. Yuan Muqing suddenly thought of Ah Si’s daughter. She seemed to be the daughter of Yingzi, the proprietress of the soup house. Yuan Muqing did not hesitate anymore and simply caught Ah Si back before torturing.

When Lao Zhu from the police station went on patrol with others, he deliberately distracted the people he was with, and went to a corner to kneel behind him. He said that he must have killed Ah Si who would not obey the command, but the team leader said A Si still has a map in his hands, so there is no accident for the time being. Aunt Yuan Muqing waited at home for her husband to come back, and unexpectedly found that his shoe soles were mud imprints. After thinking about it, she secretly followed her husband who went out.

Ah Si hid in a house with his wife and daughter. He knew that the map was their last card. He had to deal with the only love leader Zhuhe before the police found them. At the request of help, Ah Si left resolutely and resolutely. Yingzi returned to the room, but found her daughter missing. She remembered the doll that her daughter was thinking of, and guessed that her daughter ran back secretly, so she immediately went out to look for the child, but finally found only one of her daughter’s shoes.

Jiang Shuo and the three people found a persimmon tree in Ah Si’s house. They brought this leaf and asked the master, only to find out that it was related to Japan. At this time, Lao Zhu suddenly ran in and said that the tattoo master had died and the body was in the hall. Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng rushed out first, but accidentally found the button in the master’s hand. They found that there was just a button missing on Lao Zhu’s police uniform, so they secretly followed Lao Zhu at night and came to Ah Si’s house. They were wondering what Lao Zhu was looking for, they heard the sound of fighting inside the house, and the two immediately rushed in. Help, but Lao Zhu was still killed by Ah Si, and the two worked together to subdue Ah Si.

After Ah Si was tied back to the police station and ignored everyone’s interrogation, but at this moment, the news of Madam Wan, the aunt Yuan Muqing’s death came again. Yuan Muqing couldn’t accept the sad news and cried. The person who killed Aunt Yuan Muqing left behind persimmon leaves and a hairpin. This hairpin belonged to Yingzi. Yuan Muqing took the hairpin to question Ah Si, but Ah Si insisted that he killed Aunt Yuan Muqing himself. Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng entered Ah Si’s house to find out.

There is a strange forest in Ah Si’s house. They want to find something related to the persimmon tree here, maybe they can find a clue.

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