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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 9 Recap

Although Ye Huifen is basically satisfied with Guan Yihe’s situation, she still insists on improving her understanding before getting married. It happened that Wang Yueyue leaked his mouth while chatting with the prince, and it turned out that Ye Xiaobai was pregnant. When the prince learned of this, he was shocked and hurried to Ye Xiaobai’s house to ask how to deal with the matter. The prince misunderstood Guan Yihe’s meaning and directly beat him on the spot, and Ye Huifen learned that Ye Xiaobai was pregnant, and she almost fainted with anger.

After finally calming down the farce, the four people sat together to discuss, Ye Huifen had to accept the fact that Ye Xiaobai was pregnant, and even Guan Yihe was about to become his son-in-law. Guan Yihe expressed his love to Ye Xiaobai to the prince and Ye Huifen, and moved them with a sincere statement. In the end, Ye Huifen finally let go and promised to meet the parents of both sides.

The matter was resolved satisfactorily, Ye Xiaobai changed his depression, and his whole body became energetic. Gao Shan found the wound at the corner of Guan Yihe’s mouth and couldn’t help but ridicule. Wang Yueyue asked about Ye Xiaobai’s feelings with a gossiping look, and at the same time brought the wound medicine that the prince bought to Guan Yihe. Ye Xiaobai saw that Wang Yueyue had a good attitude towards admitting his mistakes, and she was in a good mood. Go and care about the things that I said before.

Wang Yueyue was going to attend the meeting in Xinhe, and had already sorted out the meeting materials overnight, but forgot to bring the documents when he went to work, and was immediately at a loss and didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, Ye Xiaobai was anxious to be wise, and immediately broke Wang Yueyue’s heel, lying that she hurried to twist the heel.

Considering that there is still some time before the noon meeting, Mary reminded Wang Yueyue not to be reckless in the future, and asked her to go to the mall to buy a new pair of shoes. Manson wanted to print out the meeting materials for Wang Yueyue, but Ye Xiaobai took it back from him by clever tricks, but he didn’t expose the stack of blank office paper in the file bag.

At first, Wang Yueyue had already called the prince and asked him to send the information. Unexpectedly, Gao Shan saw Wang Yueyue’s high heels and immediately drove her to the nearby shopping mall. Sitting in the car, Wang Yueyue was very nervous, so she could only secretly text the prince to meet at the mall. When he got out of the car, Gao Gao took the initiative to take out a pair of men’s slippers and put them on in person. Wang Yueyue had never been in a relationship before, and suddenly encountered this situation and felt a little flustered and emotional.

Liu Shumin arrived at the agreed hotel early, but Ye Huifen regarded the meeting with her in-laws as a game, deliberately being late for more than half an hour, and then appeared with a high profile. Because Ye Xiaobai is generous and courteous, Liu Shumin likes it. Unfortunately, Ye Huifen is aggressive, and even talks about Guan Yihe’s arrangements after marriage at the dinner table.

Guan Yihe and Ye Xiaobai had already negotiated in advance, and when they got married, Ye Xiaobai had to resign and leave Fengsheng Company. Unexpectedly, Ye Huifen heard this decision and expressed dissatisfaction on the spot, thinking that Ye Xiaobai had finally managed to get a positive change in Fengsheng. If she suddenly resigned and became pregnant, it would be difficult to find a job again.

Ye Huifen advocated that women should be financially independent and should not be dependent on their husbands. At the same time, they should also fight for Ye Xiaobai’s interests. But Liu Shumin had contrary opinions to her. Just as the two were arguing about it, Guan Yihe and Ye Xiaobai interrupted quickly. Liu Shumin hurriedly took out the meeting gift and red envelope under Guan Yihe’s reminder.

Ye Xiaobai was ready to give gifts back, but he never expected to take the wrong thing that Wang Yueyue had brought. Looking at a bag of wound medicines, sober medicines, and kidney tablets, Ye Xiaobai was embarrassed, but Liu Shumin was very smart. A few words resolved the atmosphere, but on the way home, he complained to Guan Yihe again, annoyed that Ye Huifen let his son resign. Claim.

After returning to the company, Guan Yihe turned out the personnel agreement, and suddenly found that the agreement stated that he would pay a penalty of 3 million yuan for rash resignation. Ye Xiaobai was distressed about how to dispel Ye Huifen’s thoughts, Guan Yihe let her relax and let her solve everything.

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