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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 32 Recap

As soon as Yuan Muqing arrived, he began to interrogate the other boaters on the dock. They were vague about the cargo at the dock. At this moment, Qin Yiheng found a group of children among the cargo at his dock. He ignored Qin Yichi’s obstruction. , Brought them back to the police station. Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng entered the children’s house, but they could not make any noise in the children’s house. They could only leave the house and let the children take care of them.

Qin Yiheng wanted to question Qin Yichi, but Jiang Shuo stopped him and said that he should go to Mr. Tang’s house to check first. Inspector Bai also quickly received a call from the Governor of Yuanta, who paid great attention to the case of human traffickers. , Asked him to strictly investigate the case. Yuan Muqing took the children to find her aunt. Her aunt is very kind and has a special way of taking care of the children. But who knows that these children don’t listen to anything. They just looked up and said nothing quietly.

After listening to Boss Wan’s words, Qin Yichi agreed to let the police inspect his own goods and took Boss Wan to pick the pearl necklace. After leaving the police’s sight, the two of them appeared in front of Liuzhi to report the task. This six fingers turned out to be Old Man Qin Yi. On the other hand, Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng went to Tang Ming’s house. They found a clue to the soup house. Sure enough, they found something in the soup house. Tang Ming came here not just to take a bath, but to find out about it, they simply went to soak. Take a bath and investigate the case.

When they entered the bath, they saw that the lady boss was making love with Agui. Agui was a local snake on the dock, but Tang Ming especially liked the lady boss. They were surprised that Tang Ming and Agui had the same leaf tattoos on their bodies, so they had this Doubt. Yuan Muqing didn’t go with them. She went to A Si, the coachman of Chang La Tang’s boss. A Si has a lovely daughter. Yuan Muqing asked Ah Si to find out what was wrong with Tang Ming last night. , Tang Ming seemed to have something on his mind last night and didn’t talk to him a word.

Jiang Shuo and the others decided to stay on hold and investigate them secretly. They learned in the tattoo shop that they generally do not give customers leaf tattoos. The rules set by the seniors cannot be changed. The boss also told them a clue to find the old man in the ruined temple on the outskirts of the city. Senior asked what happened. The ruined temple was full of spells and it was in tatters and it didn’t look like a place where people lived. At this time, a blind man appeared in front of them. This person was the master of tattoos. He heard that the person with the leaf tattoo died suddenly. He laughed, cursing all those who had leaf tattoos to die.

The ancestor master told Jiang Shuo his story back then. It turned out that his eyes were blinded by the group of people with leaf tattoos. Before they could finish talking, Lao Zhu led someone over to the dock. Agui wanted to greet Tang Ming’s goods, and Chief Bai asked them to help. The tattoo master did not hesitate to turn off the lights, and grabbed Jiang Shuo’s handwriting and wrote the word “persimmon”. When Jiang Shuo and the others rushed to the dock, Chief Bai had already led people to stop the goods, but the goods were indeed normal.

Qin Yiheng saw that his elder brother was also moving the goods with sharp eyes. After moving, he gave an order and left. Qin Yiheng followed quietly, only to find that his brother was smuggling gunfire. On the other side, Jiang Shuo was not idle either. He pretended to be a coachman and entered the soup house, only to see the dead Agui. The lady boss is a weak woman, it is impossible to do anything. Yuan Muqing also went to the lady boss’s house to search, there were many dolls in it, and there was an old photo. Then she knew that the lady boss had a daughter.

Little is known about the proprietress having a daughter. What is strange is that Yuan Muqing still thinks the little girl in the photo is familiar.

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