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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 8 Recap

Guan Yihe’s cousin Liu Xia helped Zhao Jinjin change the lock cylinder, and Zhao Jinjin asked him about Guan Yihe’s love affair, and kept paying attention. Gao Shan wanted to chase Ye Xiaobai, so he asked Guan Yihe for help, because Guan Yihe didn’t dare to tell the truth, so he lied that his borrowing behavior would make Mary angry and make Ye Xiaobai be in a dilemma.

Gao Shan did not hear Guan Yihe’s overtones, but just told him not to hinder him from pursuing Ye Xiaobai, and then took the initiative to find Mary a borrower. Mary thought that Mr. Cui was not satisfied with her work, and she did not dare to refuse the borrower.

At the banquet, Gao Shan personally took Ye Xiaobai to meet Zhao Fucheng of Shengsheng Fruit Industry. As Zhao Fucheng admired Ye Xiaobai very much, Gao Shan persuaded Ye Xiaobai to drink when he saw it, but Guan Yihe rushed out to help Ye Xiaobai block the wine. In the evening, Gao Gao offered to sing. Ye Xiaobai immediately pretended that something happened temporarily and was about to leave, but Gao Shan offered to send her off. Guan Yihe came out to remind Ye Xiaobai that the prince was already waiting outside, and the three men watched Ye Xiaobai leave in the car.

Early the next morning, Guan Yihe was jealous because of Gaoshan’s performance, and even when he drove Ye Xiaobai to work, he remained silent. Ye Xiaobai was worried that Guan Yihe didn’t eat breakfast, so he specially prepared scallion pancakes for him and reminded him not to get angry.

Ye Xiaobai was called to the office by Mary as soon as he arrived at the company. It turned out that Mr. Qin of Xinhe Heavy Industry really admired Ye Xiaobai and wanted her to be in charge of this project. Maybe it won’t be long before this office will belong to Ye Xiaobai. Seeing Mary’s loss, Ye Xiaobai couldn’t help but feel the same, worrying that she would have such a situation. Mary advised Ye Xiaobai not to get married if she wanted to go to the top of her career. It is difficult to achieve such a desire.

Zhao Jinzi went shopping in the mall accompanied by Liu Xia, and spent a lot of money in a day’s work. After receiving the bill, Zhao Fucheng was angry with his daughter’s lavishness and decided to stop the credit card after returning from Fuzhou.

Ye Xiaobai found out that he was pregnant during the physical examination, so he planned to call to share the good news with Guan Yihe. But at this time Guan Yihe asked Ye Xiaobai to help him find something in the warehouse. Ye Xiaobai found the diamond ring he had hidden in the warehouse, and suddenly Guan Yihe appeared behind him and used her in his arms. Ye Xiaobai told Guan Yihe the news that he was pregnant, but he didn’t expect him to be as happy as a child.

After get off work, Ye Xiaobai was very worried about the child and marriage. Guan Yihe told his mother about his situation with Ye Xiaobai. Guan Yihe Liu Shumin was so excited that she almost wanted to take care of her confinement. Ye Xiaobai was worried about Ye Huifen’s high blood pressure and was afraid to tell the matter. Guan Yihe sensed Ye Xiaobai’s mind, so he secretly called Ye Huifen, who knew that Ye Huifen didn’t know Guan Yihe’s existence.

Ye Xiaobai was uneasy at work, and Wang Yueyue pulled her out to talk after seeing her. Ye Xiaobai said frankly that he still didn’t understand how to face the child, not to mention that he didn’t tell Ye Huifen about his relationship.

Wang Yueyue felt that Ye Xiaobai’s failure to tell her mother was a bit too much. After getting off work, Ye Xiaobai received a text message from Guan Yihe because she had to work overtime and asked her to take a taxi back. Ye Xiaobai stood up but saw Ye Huifen sitting there in the reception room.

Ye Huifen cooked a table for Ye Xiaobai, and then took Ye Xiaobai to ask about Guan Yihe. Ye Xiaobai admitted that he was in a relationship with Guan Yihe, but the powerful Ye Huifen believed that they were now informing themselves and did not seek their own opinions. Ye Xiaobai immediately spoke a good word for Guan Yihe and said that both of them took this relationship seriously and hoped that Ye Huifen would accept him.

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