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The Envy Code รหัสริษยา Episode 17 End Recap

After the palais (Pink Ploy-Paphawadee) was evaluated (Phon-Pool Phat) attacked, but Siwa (Bank-Athit) could help in time. Therefore sent the carriage to Nichada’s farm house (Praew-Chermawee) Siwa follows to take care of But still deeply hurt my heart Who still thinks that Palai is pregnant with Thana (Great-Soraphon).

But after a while, Siva fled back to Bangkok. Leave the palais alone But asked Nichada to take care of Nichadama and Thana And then realized the fact that Palai was pregnant with Siwa, not Thana, both of them knew that Siva was going to marry Chan Jang (Kookie-Kochakorn) went to tell Siva to prevent Siva from getting married. Phalai Pity Chan Jaeong went back to ask Siwa to marry Chan Jang. If you don’t get married, you will take your child away. Not let Siwa meet again.

Both of them were very painful. But Siva had to be forced to comply with Palai’s orders, Rasika (Pim-Pimphan) and assessed the plan to kill themselves But Raz The assessment was hit by a car. On the day of the wedding Razika saw rampage. Nichada could not stand it at all, telling the whole truth to Chan. Chan is afraid of being unbearable. Ran away from work Razika screamed like a madman. Haunted, saw assessed revenge.

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