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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 7 Recap

Ye Xiaobai was happy because he was elated at the meeting. Colleague Marvin congratulated her on his coffee and said that Mary was the same as her back then, and then she had her current status after she appeared in a large meeting. Ye Xiaobai recalled Mr. Qin’s words, with a grudge in his heart.

After the meeting, President Qin went to President Cui’s office to drink tea, and suddenly heard the voice of a child calling mother outside the office. President Qin ridiculed President Cui’s management of humanity, and there were children in the company. Mary sitting on the side was a little anxious. At this moment, Ye Xiaobai walked in and handed Mary the information, and wrote on the note that the child had been arranged, which finally made Mary relieved.

President Cui was still curious about the child’s voice outside the office, and Ye Xiaobai immediately explained that the child’s voice was a ringtone set by himself. After Mary finished her work, she saw that the child was asleep under Ye Xiaobai’s care. In addition to thanking Ye Xiaobai, she reminded her to work harder by the way.

Ye Xiaobai went home with Guan Yihe. Guan Yihe found out that her situation was not right and took the initiative to explain his love affair with Mary. Unexpectedly, Ye Xiaobai thought that everyone had a predecessor and understood Mary’s hard work. . When Guan Yihe talked about his behavior, he hoped that Ye Xiaobai would not stay in this industry because his career and family could not be well balanced. Ye Xiaobai understood Guan Yihe’s thoughts, but in his heart he worried that he and him would be separated because of work.

Just as Ye Xiaobai was about to dine with Guan Yihe, his new colleague Manson deliberately came over to take care of him. Fortunately, Wang Yueyue stepped forward to make a relief. Who knew that Ye Xiaobai met Manson again after arriving at the restaurant. In order not to reveal his love affair, Ye Xiaobai had to video chat with Guan Yihe for dinner.

That night, Ye Xiaobai worked overtime while eating compressed biscuits, comforting himself over eating crayfish. Guan Yihe happened to see such a cute scene of her and took the initiative to order a supper to invite everyone to eat crayfish. Ye Xiaobai was very moved when he saw it. He walked outside the building to see Guan Yihe. The two embraced and looked forward to the future, but Wang Yueyue suddenly rushed out and was so scared that they separated by inertia.

Gao Shan and Manson walked out of the building, and Wang Yueyue immediately helped Ye Xiaobai to cover, and pulled her back to work overtime. Guan Yihe took Ye Xiaobai to the movie. While Ye Xiaobai was in the bathroom, Guan Yihe met Mary and her son. He lied that he was with his friends and asked Mary’s son to eat ice cream.

At this time, Zhao Jinjin called. Mary heard Zhao Jinjin’s voice and mistakenly thought she was in love with Guan Yihe. After Mary and her son left, Guan Yihe explained to Ye Xiaobai that Zhao Jinzi had arrived in Shenzhen. Because of Zhao Fucheng’s sake, Guan Yihe needed to settle Zhao Jinjin first, and Ye Xiaobai sensibly said goodbye to him, feeling a little disappointed.

Guan Yihe asked his assistant to rent a house far away from him to relocate Zhao Jinjin, and confessed to Zhao Jinjin that he already had a girlfriend. As the relationship between the two could not be made public, there was no way to name his girlfriend. It happened that Zhao Jinzi didn’t believe what Guan Yihe said because of this reason.

Guan Yihe arranged for Zhao Jinzi and rushed to visit Ye Xiaobai’s house. Ye Xiaobai recalled the life between the two recently and envied Zhao Jinzi’s daring to love and hate. Guan Yihe returned to the car and took out the shoes that he had worn to make Ye Xiaobai try them on. It turned out that he had found a suitable way to solve the problem of rubbing. Ye Xiaobai didn’t expect Guan Yihe to be so caring, and couldn’t help being touched, but what moved her even more was that Guan Yihe took out a paperclip to propose, and the two immediately hugged and kissed sweetly.

The next day, Ye Xiaobai was shy and did not dare to face Guan Yihe. Guan Yihe deliberately pretended to answer Ye Huifen’s call. Ye Xiaobai was so scared that he rushed out of the bathroom. Ye Xiaobai asked Wang Yueyue to eat chocolate and talked about his plan to marry Guan Yihe. Wang Yueyue didn’t expect to take care of Yihe a little bit to make a beautify return, and laughed at her sister for being willing to return to the family so easily.

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