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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 6 Recap

Wang Yueyue saw that no one took the initiative to talk to Ye Xiaobai and invited her to the evening meal. Ye Xiaobai thought it was better to make a plan for her treat. In the evening, the second department ate together, Guan Yihe and Gaoshan happened to be eating next to each other, and Ye Xiaobai immediately went to the bathroom.

Because Wang Yueyue was so drunk, Mary asked Manson to send Wang Yueyue home, but she had already called the prince in advance. Therefore, when the prince appeared in front of everyone, Ye Xiaobai also understood that Wang Yueyue was his half-sister. He was so caring for Wang Yueyue. Compared with the years when he lacked his father’s love, Ye Xiaobai felt sad. , Left on the spot.

The prince chased up Ye Xiaobai with Wang Yueyue on his back. Ye Xiaobai asked him in the car, which daughter he was leaving behind. Besides knowing that his name was Ye Xiaobai, he also knew what Wang Yueyue entered Fengsheng. Just to replace himself, which daughter he wants to keep his job. The prince was blinded by the series of questions, and then stood still, not knowing how to answer for a while.

Ye Xiaobai came to the beach alone to vent, shouting at the sea, Guan Yihe silently followed behind her until she vented her anger, so she took the initiative to talk about her life experience. In fact, Guan Yihe also came from a single-parent family. His father was killed in the line of duty when he was a child, so he assumed the responsibilities of the family at a very young age.

Ye Xiaobai didn’t expect that he was so sad on the surface. Guan Yihe understood that Ye Xiaobai didn’t accept him because he was insecure. Because of this frank treatment, the two seemed to be closer together. Ye Xiaobai accepted. Guan Yihe’s love fell in his arms.

Early the next morning, Ye Xiaobai took Guan Yihe’s car to go to work. Guan Yihe reminded Ye Xiaobai that haste is not fast, and hoped that she could relax and make plans. Ye Xiaobai mentioned that he asked Lisa for help, but he was rejected. It seemed that the whole world was pushing himself.

Guan Yihe went to Lisa in private, hoping that she could help Ye Xiaobai. Ye Xiaobai mentioned that Wang Yueyue avoided the relationship between the two in the company, so as not to be misunderstood. Wang Yueyue understood that he did not enter the company by relationship, but by his ability, and simply gave the prince’s meals to Ye Xiao. Bai, invited her to go home for dinner at night.

In the evening, Ye Xiaobai took the initiative to invite the prince’s family to dinner, and it was even more embarrassing to watch them enjoy themselves. Although the prince’s wife was also very enthusiastic, Ye Xiaobai always felt uncomfortable and left the dinner early. The prince saw Ye Xiaobai’s mind and immediately offered to send her off.

Ye Xiaobai was sitting in Guan Yihe’s car. The prince had to call Ye Xiaobai, hoping that she would help take care of Wang Yueyue in the company. As a result, when Ye Xiaobai heard this, he parked the car on the side of the road and bluntly told the prince that he admitted to the blood relationship, but he could not accept their family. The prince saw Guan Yihe beside Ye Xiaobai and reminded Guan Yihe not to hurt his daughter. Ye Xiaobai also discovered that the prince actually knows how to care for himself.

On the way to work, Wang Yueyue handed her the shampoo her mother had given to Ye Xiaobai, and wished her and Guan Yihe a good result. As soon as the voice fell, President Cui walked from the opposite side with a sullen face, Ye Xiaobai was so scared that he immediately told Guan Yihe about the situation, worried that the relationship between the two would be exposed.

Unexpectedly, when Guan Yihe found Mr. Cui, Mr. Cui mentioned the relationship between Mary and Guan Yihe in the past. It is precisely because of this that the company ordered the ban on office romances. Because Mary is married to a husband who cannot support her career and is now in the process of divorcing, Mr. Cui thinks that she has messed up her career relationship, so he reminds Guan Yihe not to be like Mary.

President Qin of Xinhe Heavy Industry suddenly visited, Mary not only had to comfort her son, but also had to prepare a plan. Ye Xiaobai took the initiative to fight and issued a military order. Who knew that her plan merged with Lisa’s case and became very convincing. Coupled with Guan Yihe’s assist, Ye Xiaobai successfully persuaded President Qin.

However, President Qin took the initiative to talk about the past of Mary and Guan Yihe, and he was also feeling that although the two could not get married, it would be good to be colleagues fighting side by side. President Cui believes that investment bank children should not have office romances. Guan Yihe is worried that Ye Xiaobai will be jealous and looks at her with concern.

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