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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 43 Recap

Xia Qin couldn’t believe it when she saw Yue Lao who was drunk, and asked Zhao Zimo to see the doctor. Zimo explained the total miracle and reiterated that he was the God of Wealth, and Tian Qin couldn’t accept it for a while and couldn’t adjust it. The three of the Shao family thought that Tianqin was drunk, and that Zhao Zimo could not be the God of Wealth, or he had hit a ghost, so Tianqin took a bunch of signs and posted them all over the office. Zimo couldn’t laugh or cry when he saw it.

In order to make Tian Qin believe what she said, Zimo cast a spell, Tian Qin was even more terrified. After many explanations and proofs, Tian Qin finally believed it, and Zimo asked her to treat her with a normal heart, but Tian Qin could not help but fear that she would offend the gods and made a lot of jokes.

The crisis facing the Zhang Group continues to expand. Zhang Zhenyu intends to continue to break the negative news and plunge the stock price. He plans to take the Lingxiao Hotel and join the Xu Group to convene a general meeting of shareholders to elect directors. Zhang Qihong no longer wanted to be beaten all the way, so he decided to stop the bleeding and fight back. Zhang Qihong put pressure on the marriage of Zhang Liqian and Xu Tianai, preparing to announce the news of the marriage and release good news.

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