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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 41 Recap

The performance of the Lingxiao Hotel is rising steadily, and everyone is happy. Wenlin is especially grateful for Yifan’s cultivation. Xiaoting rushes to embrace when she sees Wenlin. Yifan saw all these interactions in his eyes and asked Wenlin’s willingness to be a godmother, but he did not expect to trigger a serious backlash from Xiaoting. Due to the rapid expansion of the Zhang Group’s territory, the Group was facing a financial crisis, and some people maliciously slandered and speculated the “Old Street Demolition Incident,” and the stock price fell all the way.

Zhang Qihong ordered Zhang Liqian to conduct a thorough investigation and stop the bleeding. Zhang Qizheng stayed in the Lingxiao Hotel and secretly supported Zhang Zhenyu. The father and son vowed to take the Lingxiao Hotel and decided to join forces with the Xu Group to fight the Zhang Group.

The father and daughter of the Shao family hung up protest banners in the old street, asking the villagers to harden up and fight the Zhang clique together. Upon seeing this, the village head Shao Wanfeng had a conflict with Shao Dad. Shao Dad suffered a heart attack. Shao Zi couldn’t help but slapped Zhang Liqian directly. Zhang Liqian had no choice but to explain but couldn’t cool Shao Zi, who had broken the line of reason.

Shao Zidang Zhang Liqian smashed Aniu’s phone in anger, and the interaction between the two fell into a deadlock. The most effective way to treat emotional injuries is to enter a new relationship! Sophia teaches Xiaqin to use various dating apps. Didn’t expect Zhao Zimo to help Xiaqin set the data? ! Zimo didn’t want Tianqin to stay in the same condition, and finally told Tianqin about Zhang Zhenyu’s dispensation of the salt pot. Zhenyu’s policy of mourning soldiers made Zhao Zimo exaggerate Zhenyu’s outstanding acting skills.

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