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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 40 Recap

The old street of Lingxiao Village could not be demolished smoothly, and the Zhang Group faced pressure from all walks of life. The resort plan was forced to postpone, and the impact was very large. Zhang Qihong was furious and held accountable. Zhang Liqian released a “key recording”, insisting that Zhang Zhenyu is the inner ghost, and Zhang Zhenyu, who could not argue with each other, was kicked out of the group. With nowhere to go, Zhang Zhenyu went to the Lingxiao Hotel and asked Xiaqin for forgiveness. Zhao Zimo didn’t pay the bill at all, but Tian Qin felt soft and agreed to let Zhang Zhenyu stay in the hotel temporarily. The winds of all directions fell to one side, and everyone was very cold towards Zhang Liqian.

But Zimo said that it was Zhang Liqian who hinted that he should not go round the island or leave Lingxiao Village, and was very surprised at Zhang Liqian’s rebellious and extremely cold Shao Zi and Xiaqin. Shao Zi brought the Daxiong doll and was full of doubts to the Zhang group to block people. He wanted to hear Zhang Liqian’s explanation, but he didn’t expect the Daxiong doll to be thrown on the ground. After Zhao Zimo and Xiaqin broke up, Sophia couldn’t suppress her good feelings for Zhao Zimo and made frequent moves. Xiaqin felt quite complicated when she saw this.

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