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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 39 Recap

Zhang Liqian wanted to keep the memories of the old street and took Shao Zi to step on the old street to take photos. There is an indescribable tacit understanding and sweetness in the interaction between the two. As farewell was imminent, Zhang Liqian thanked the Shao family for taking care of him and confessed to Shao Zi, thanking Shao Zi for letting him know how to love. Shao Zi was so touched that he could not help kissing Zhang Liqian.

After the CEO’s farewell banquet, the trip around the island began. Zhao Zimo stayed as the supervisor, but Zhang Zhenyu made frequent actions, using various reasons to prevent Zhao Zimo from inspecting the project, and even took the opportunity to prescribe medicine to try to make Zhao Zimo unconscious. A large demolition machine appeared at the entrance of the old street, and the Zhang Group really planned to demolish the old street while the villagers were away! Zhang Qihong was preparing to harvest all the results that have been laid out for a long time, but unexpectedly, at a critical moment, there were variables.

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