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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 48 End Recap

The boat was about to leave, and Xu Shuhui took pictures with everyone. Unexpectedly, the camera roll was gone when shooting Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen. The four of them recalled that they had done nothing but the memories of each other for love. Gu Manzhen and Shen Shijun took the tram to go back, but they did not sit together, instead they had a distance. Shen Shijun looked at Gu Manzhen and wanted to ask her whether she could go back to the past. Gu Manzhen’s eyes told Shen Shijun that they would never go back.

Gu Manzhen came to visit Gu Manlu in the small house and found that her face was swollen. Gu Manzhen knew that Zhu Hongcai had beaten Gu Manlu, and she wanted to take Gu Manlu out of here. At this time, Zhu Hongcai returned home and saw Gu Manzhen’s arrival and his attitude suddenly changed. While Gu Manlu was going to prepare dinner, Zhu Hongcai hugged Gu Manzhen and wanted to kiss her, so scared that Gu Manzhen tried his best to resist and ran out of the small bungalow.

Gu Manlu was in poor health and kept coughing, but Zhu Hongcai always wanted to miss Gu Manzhen, saying that it would be good to let Gu Manzhen give birth to herself. Gu Manlu was very angry and slapped Zhu Hongcai, accusing him of shame, and even thinking about the sister-in-law. Zhu Hongcai was angered. He pushed down Gu Manlu and yelled for divorce. Gu Manlu disagreed and cried and lay on the ground.

Gu’s mother told Gu Manzhen not to go to the small bungalows and to protect Zhu Hongcai on the embankment. Gu Manzhen said that he could not ignore Gu Manlu. Gu’s mother came to the small house and wanted to persuade Gu Manlu to return to Lu’an with herself, worrying that Zhu Hongcai would continue to abuse her. Gu Manlu said that she could not go anywhere and could not leave this home. She took out her years of savings to her mother, hoping that she would take good care of her grandma and Gu Manzhen.

Mother decided to go back to her hometown of Lu’an with her grandmother and asked Gu Manzhen to go with them. Gu Manzhen was unwilling to go back, saying that he was not assured that Gu Manlu was here alone. After all, Zhu Hongcai is not very good to Gu Manlu now. Since Shi Jingxuan left, Zhu Hongcai has helped with the pecuniary business, and his own Caiji Yangxing has also become popular and he is addicted. Talking about business for a long time and looking for a woman. My mother couldn’t control Gu Manlu, she just wanted Gu Manzhen to go with her, so that she wouldn’t think about Shen Shijun anymore, she took out the earrings her grandma gave to her and gave it to Gu Manzhen to protect herself.

Gu Manzhen sent away his mother and grandma. She planned to go to a small house and persuaded Gu Manlu to go back to Lu’an with her. She wanted to save the seriously ill Gu Manlu. Gu Manlu locked herself in the room and did not see Gu Manzhen. Zhu Hongcai came to deliver medicine to Gu Manlu, hoping that Gu Manzhen could stay for a few more days and wait for Gu Manlu to get better before leaving.

After Gu Manzhen moved in, there was thunder and rain one night, and she suddenly became dizzy and seemed to be drugged. When she woke up, she found that she was untidy. In order to keep Zhu Hongcai, Gu Manlu went against his will to let Gu Manzhen give birth to Zhu Hongcai. Shen Shijun went to Gu’s house but didn’t find Gu Manzhen, and finally found the phone of Gu Manlu’s house, but Zhu Hongcai hung up again. In order to make Shen Shijun give up, Zhu Hongcai pretended to take out the wedding candy and said that Gu Manzhen and Zhang Yujin were married.

Gu Manzhen was kept in a small bungalow every day and was ravaged by Zhu Hongcai. As a fertility tool, Gu Manlu did not stop him. A Bao also knew too much and was thrown out of the house after being threatened by Zhu Hongcai. Finally one day, Gu Manlu died of a serious illness. Zhao’s younger brother was beaten by Zhu Hongcai every day. She took the key while Zhu Hongcai was drunk, rescued Gu Manzhen, and tied Zhu Hongcai together with her.

To a wicked person like Zhu Hongcai, Gu Manzhen set a fire and burned the small bungalow, and finally escaped from the sea of ​​suffering. At this moment, Shen Shijun searched many places and finally returned to Shanghai to find Gu Manzhen again. He vowed that he would never leave her again.

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