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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 36 Recap

Crisis in the Lingxiao Hotel is everywhere. The operation of Lianlian Sweet Tea Room seems to be worse than expected, and it seems that there are hotel employees working in the salt shaker? And Sophia fainted because of the strict demands on herself, and the kitchen assistants were reluctant to start work because of self-confidence. Zimo saw Sophia faint and picked her up.

He didn’t expect that Tianqin accidentally bumped into this scene, which made her a little bit vinegar. The determination of the Zhang Group to tear down Lingxiao Old Street was unwavering. At the request of Zhang Liqian, Zhang Zhenyu successfully persuaded Xia Qin, Zhao Zimo and all the villagers to travel around the island.

The plan went well, but Zhang Liqian was unhappy? Shao Zi was relieved to learn that her secretary job was about to end. Zhang Liqian, who was about to leave Lingxiao Village, asked Shao Zi to take him through “Aniu’s Footprints” to see if he could awaken the memory of the Aniu period before leaving. With the approach of the goddess of female plague, Zhao Zimo also speeded up the implementation of “Liao but the Frontier”. Encouraged by good fortune and bluffing God, he turned his passivity into an active one, and took the initiative to get close to Sophia to solve the mystery of his past life.

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