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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 47 Recap

Because of infertility, Gu Manlu felt physically and emotionally uncomfortable. He hoped that Zhu Hongcai would accompany her. Zhu Hongcai accused Sang Huai and said that Gu Manlu was useless. He got dressed and wanted to go out to find a woman to give birth to her. Gu Manlu stopped him, so he slapped Gu Manlu.

When Gu Manlu returned home, the family thought she was pregnant and took special care of her. The mother thinks that only a child can hold Zhu Hongcai, and Gu Manlu is very sad, saying that she will never get pregnant again. Gu Manzhen comforted Gu Manlu and accused Zhu Hongcai of not crossing the river to tear down the bridge. She persuaded Gu Manlu to leave Zhu Hongcai so that she could support herself without a man. Gu Manlu said that she was not young and had no skill. If she left Zhu Hongcai, she would really lose everything.

Gu Manzhen came to Caiji Foreign Firm to find Zhu Hongcai’s theory and let him express his views on Gu Manlu’s affairs. When Zhu Hongcai heard about this, he became angry and said that he also wanted to live a good life, but it is a fact that Gu Manlu could not have children. He thought he was worthy of Gu Manlu if he didn’t get a divorce right away, so Gu Manzhen should not mix up. Gu Manzhen was very angry, and she said that she would open her eyes and look at Zhu Hongcai unlucky.

Shen Shijun did not see Shi Cuizhi at home, and heard that Xu Shuhui took her out. Zhu Hongcai came to Gu’s home, and his mother and grandma were both good to entertain, for fear of neglecting her. Zhu Hongcai deliberately picked up the thorns, deliberately put on a high-level look, for a while, he disliked the coldness of rice wine, and disliked the smell of pig liver. In short, he just didn’t like it. His mother hurriedly apologized. Gu Manlu didn’t have the same temper as before, saying that he was angry with Zhu Hongcai, and apologized to him, hoping to have a better life in the future. Gu Manzhen didn’t say a word, sitting on the stairs alone.

In order to help Shi Cuizhi recover, Xu Shuhui took Shi Cuizhi to recall the past of the two and was very patient. Shi Cuizhi looked at Xu Shuhui, as if thinking of something, she finally opened a long-lost smile. When Xu Shuhui saw Shi Cuizhi reacted, he took Shi Cuizhi’s hand and told her that they hadn’t seen movies before and wanted to take her away, take her away from unhappy places, and give her a happy life. When Shen Shijun saw Shi Cuizhi finally smiled, he lamented that only two people who truly love each other can be truly happy.

When Zhu Hongcai received the call, the lover he was maintaining outside suddenly died, leaving only her daughter to recruit her younger brother. Zhu Hongcai couldn’t control his emotions. He didn’t pay attention to recruiting brother at all, and he blamed her for not telling himself the first time. Gu Manlu looked at Zhao’s brother very poorly, only to realize that Zhu Hongcai had already had children with other women outside.

Gu’s mother was very anxious. She was worried that Gu Manlu had a conflict with Zhao’s brother, and wanted her to swallow her anger and not make Zhu Hongcai angry. Gu Manzhen did not understand. In her eyes, she believed that women could live well without relying on men. Gu Manlu was very good at recruiting her younger brother and bought a lot of new clothes for her. As a result, the younger brother did not appreciate her and expressed reluctance in front of Zhu Hongcai.

Xu Shuhui was about to return to Nanyang. Before leaving, I asked Gu Manzhen and Shen Shijun to go out for dinner. Xu Shuhui wanted to take Shi Cuizhi away, because the medical conditions in Nanyang are better than those in Shanghai, and he can take Shi Cuizhi to change the environment, which may be helpful for the treatment of the condition. Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen didn’t say a word on the table, Xu Shuhui hoped that Shen Shijun could let go of the family shackles and pursue his own happiness.

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