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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 46 Recap

When Gu Manlu returned home, she heard from her mother that Gu Manzhen went out early every day and returned late every day. There was no way for her grandma and her to eat or drink. Gu Manlu went upstairs to comfort Gu Manzhen. The more upset she was, the more she needed to find something to do. Thinking about the future, she offered to ask Gu Manzhen to help her and let her work as a secretary at Caiji Foreign Company.

Xu Shuhui came to Gu’s house and asked Gu Manzhen to find a way to try to save Shen Shijun. Since he loves him, he must grow old with him. Gu Manzhen doesn’t think so, as long as you love, you don’t need to be together, because the marriage of Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi cannot be changed. Xu Shuhui expressed regret that he had always hoped that Shi Cuizhi could be happy, but he did not expect her to be sick. He decided to cure Shi Cuizhi’s disease first, just to remind her of himself.

Gu Manlu uses drama to persuade Gu Manzhen to let her go forward and let Shen Shijun go. Time can solve everything. Gu Manzhen didn’t want to give up, she always couldn’t help but think of Shen Shijun, and didn’t want to go to Nanyang for the time being. Gu Manlu could not persuade Gu Manzhen, she went to Zhu Hongcai to get the money, and decided to help Gu Manzhen arrange for her to live in Nanyang. Zhu Hongcai was a little reluctant to spend the big money. He thought that Gu Manzhen’s ideas should be respected.

Xu Shuhui heard about Shi Cuizhi and hurried back from Nanyang. Xu Shuhui is no longer the Xu Shuhui he was back then. He felt very distressed when he looked at Shi Cuizhi who was a little crazy. Shi Cuizhi watched the movie silly in the cinema, Xu Shuhui walked over to talk to her, hoping that Shi Cuizhi would give herself a chance to take care of her again. When Shen Shijun saw all this, he didn’t want to disturb the two of them. Mrs. Shi also saw it.

Shen Shijun and Xu Shuhui walked on the bridge together, talking about the past moments. Time flies so fast, it seems that they can’t go back to the past. Xu Shuhui expressed regret that if he hadn’t left Shanghai in the first place, the result might be different. Shen Shijun also admitted that he was an accomplice in the first place. If Xu Shuhui did not leave, Shi Jingxuan would harm him. And this time, if he didn’t marry Shi Cuizhi, Mrs. Shi would definitely be reluctant, and would also use Gu Manzhen’s life as a threat. Xu Shuhui asked Shen Shijun to take Gu Manzhen away from Shanghai. He would stay and take care of Shi Cuizhi. Shen Shijun hesitated, thinking that Shi Cuizhi was his responsibility.

Gu Manlu kept vomiting while eating, and Gu Manzhen thought she was pregnant. Mrs. Shi made delicious food for Shen Shijun, and praised him for treating her daughter well, and said that she would return to Nanjing and entrust Shi Cuizhi to him. Zhu Hongcai heard that Gu Manlu was pregnant. He was very happy. He especially hoped that Gu Manlu would give birth to a son. Gu Manzhen taught Zhu Hongcai to spend more time with Gu Manlu and not to spend time outside.

Xu Shuhui wants to take Shi Cuizhi to Nanyang for treatment, saying that no matter what the outcome is, she will guard her for the rest of her life. Gu Manzhen saw tiger-toed shoes on the street and wanted to buy a tyre for Gu Manlu, but missed Shen Shijun sitting on the tram. Mrs. Shi is about to leave and invites Xu Shuhui to the house. She is only worried about Shi Cuizhi, and hopes that Shen Shijun and Xu Shuhui can take care of her. When Shi Cuizhi is cured, no matter who she chooses, Mrs. Shi agrees.

Zhu Hongcai accompanied Gu Manlu to the hospital for an obstetric examination, but the doctor said that Gu Manlu was a false pregnancy. Gu Manlu could not accept it. He questioned the doctor’s technique. The doctor directly stated that Gu Manlu would not be pregnant again. Zhu Hongcai was very depressed after hearing this.

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