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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 30 Recap

When Jiang Shuo and the others arrived, Wan Jiangshuo was losing all the money and was about to be pulled out. Qin Yiheng stopped them and said that they wanted to compete with Jiang Shuo, but in fact, they just asked Wan Jiangshuo and when Wan Jiangshuo listened. When he arrived at Jiang Ye’s name, he obviously hesitated, so Jiang Shuo chose to enter his house without hesitation. As expected, Wan Jiangshuo’s house was the old house of Jiang’s family, which was exactly the same as the house Jiang Shuo saw in the Rubik’s Cube.

Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng looked around at Jiang’s house. They followed the sound of the music and saw a music box. A woman took a little girl away. She wanted to find other children, but when Jiang Shuo and the others followed When I returned to the previous time, I saw that my mother was about to leave the room with the two girls. Jiang Shuo and the two were watching the memories of a few children, but they were suddenly awakened by Yuan Muqing. It turned out that it was Jiang Shuo who was rescued.

They saw the weird faceless man in Jiang Shuo’s home, and the children always mentioned that he was going to kill his father. He could hear strange snoring when he went to bed in the middle of the night, but Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng had no time to check. He has left Jiang Shuo’s heart. Even so, Qin Yiheng still has some eyebrows. Jiang’s family must have alive children. They are preventing the Jiang family’s old house from being sold, so they are playing tricks in the old house.

The news about Jiang’s old house reported in news newspapers generally scares people and makes people fear the murderous house. The clue that Yuan Muqing discovered is very important, because if he does not live in the old house, it is impossible to know what’s inside. story. Jiang Shuo and the others checked the news written by Li Mi and found that he was writing about the heroic deeds of the three Qin Yiheng. A woman outside the door overheard Jiang Shuo’s conversation and secretly left the news agency.

The Jiang family and the Qin family seem to have a deep hatred. Not only did the Jiang family’s sister Li Mi want to kill Qin Yichi, she also plans to attract Qin Yiheng to the old house to kill him. She knew that she had been found out, so she prepared early . The only male in the Jiang family, Jiang Shuo, was Wan Jiang Shuo who was in the casino, and one of the sisters was Zhen Jiangyan, who was married to Sun Zhilong. Here Sheriff Bai has come to the Jiang family house to look for Li Mi. Who knows, a pile of corpses died of the plague was found in the Jiang family house. Li Mi reported the incident as soon as it happened.

Sun Zhilong’s daughter-in-law, Zhen Jiangyan, married him only for money. After he was drunk, Zhen Jiangyan returned home and took a ledger. She told her sister Li Mi that there was an unclear bill on the ledger. Related to the minerals of the year. This matter must have nothing to do with the Qin family. Qin Yiheng thought about going to the hospital and visiting his elder brother, but Qin Yichi told him that he had killed Jiang Shuo, and Qin Yiheng suddenly woke up from his dream. Asleep in the office.

He happened to hear that someone had sent Shen Tian a document dealing with the corpse. Shen Tian was about to go to the archives. Qin Yiheng suddenly became suspicious and followed up secretly. When he heard that a man named Jiang was looking for Shen Tian, ​​he was even more sure of Shen Tian. Tian has a problem. Sure enough, Shen Tian met Jiang Shuo outside the hospital, and Shen Tian was the fourth sister of the Jiang family. She gave money to her brother and left. Shen Tian went to put the materials in the archives, and Qin Yiheng appeared and caught up. He immediately said that they had fallen into their plan. Shen Tian was ashamed, but he refused to say anything, and finally fled Qin Yiheng.

Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing were also waiting at the casino. Sure enough, Jiang Shuo appeared in the casino again. Jiang Shuo saw Jiang Shuo leave immediately. The three Jiang family sisters and Jiang Shuo gathered in a church, Shen Tian was kind and did not want to deceive others. , She just wanted to live with her family, but her eldest sister and second sister did not want to let go of those who killed her father and mother. Shen Tian returned to the hospital. Father Qin’s medicine had been prepared. She was suspicious, so she went to taste one. It turned out to be sugar. So Shen Tian went to the pharmacy to get the new medicine and sent it to Qin Yi by the way.

The Qin family’s accountant, Sun Zhilong, ran to the hospital anxiously and told them that the old account book didn’t necessarily mean anything, so Qin Yichi and Sun Zhilong left, and Shen Tian took advantage of the effect of the old man Qin to enter the ward and got the information in his hand.

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