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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 29 Recap

Sun Zhiliang told Qin Yiheng’s clues, and Qin Yiheng inferred that Six Fingers usually find the perpetrator in advance, and then create a case for Jiang Shuo and others to solve the case. According to Jiang Shuo’s hint in the Rubik’s Cube, they can find Yinhe, and they are the only one now. What is certain is that Liuzhi is a middle-aged man in his 50s and 60s. At this time, the situation in Chang Shanzhou was also very unstable. In order to preserve the strength of the army, the Governor of Yuan Dynasty did not mobilize his army to deal with the bandits who hijacked his supplies, but sent a security team.

The atmosphere of Chang Shanzhou also made the people very panic. They sought stability and wanted to enter a safer concession, but they were stopped outside the concession. Yuan Muqing, who was about to enter the concession, was also stopped. When Jiang Shuo heard the news, for fear that Yuan Muqing would be injured by the rioting people, he immediately rushed to the concession. The people in front of the concession had begun to hustle with the officers and soldiers. Jiang Shuo was crowded in the crowd, but was stunned by a man in black. Past.

Jiang Shuo woke up and he was already in the Rubik’s Cube with Six Fingers. Six Fingers told Jiang Shuo that his fate was connected to everyone in Chang Shanzhou. To find out everything, he had to solve the case according to the clues of Six Fingers, and then Six Fingers gave Jiang Shuo. I saw a house in Ren Zi Nian. Yuan Muqing suddenly remembered the newspaper he had seen in the car. It was writing a murder house to be auctioned. It was the house eight years ago, which corresponds to the Ren Zi Nian that Jiang Shuo saw.

Qin Yiheng went to see his father in his spare time. His father was sorting out the Qin family’s report. Everyone thought Master Qin was crazy, but Master Qin told Qin Yiheng that he was not crazy and had to go back to the Qin family to deal with affairs. Qin Yiheng was very worried about his father. Seeing his madness, he even went to the attending doctor Shen to inquire about his father’s current situation. The strange thing was that there was no problem with the prescription, but his father’s condition did not improve.

The auction of the murder house was about to begin the next day. I heard that the original owner of this house, Jiang Ye, had been involved in collusion with the Japanese. After a family died, the house was confiscated by the military government. It began to be haunted, and the auction did not start until today. The person in charge of this auction is Zhen Jiangyan. Because the house is in a concession, there are many people who want to enter the concession, so even if it is a haunted house, many people come to auction and buy it.

Prince Qin competed with Yuan Guanjia for the ownership of the house at the auction. They asked for a higher price than the other. Just when Prince Qin bought the house for five thousand, a woman with a veil offered a price of 10,000 yuan and kept saying Said that Master Qin colluded with the auction to form this scam. Everyone was shocked by what she said. Before they could react, the light tripped. Everyone was in a mess. The person in charge Zhen Jiangyan also took advantage of the chaos and left and returned to the room.

Qin Yiheng, who was hiding at the door watching Zhen Jiangyan’s husband ruining her room, saw Zhen Jiangyan coming back and left immediately. Da Young Master Qin also left, and went to see the haunted old mansion with Zhen Jiangyan and his wife. Sheriff Bai followed with them and sneaked around the house. Young Master Qin and the three were walking around in the ghost house and heard something else. They split up to look for the sound of the person. When Duke Qin saw a door opened, he was frightened by the black-clothed woman inside, and he fell off the railing and was almost strangled to death.

Qin Yiheng recalled the things from the auction house that his brother took away when he left his father’s ward last time. He guessed that there must be a reason for the elder brother to go to Jiang’s old house, but his father couldn’t remember it at all. They had to send his father away first. Go back to the ward. But what Qin Yiheng didn’t know was that after they left, Qin Yi opened his eyes. Qin Yiheng asked Shen Tian to get the medicine, only to find that the medicine had been replaced. The medicine was brought by the Qin family from abroad. This is what Qin Yiheng realized. Getting to Qin’s house is not as easy as I thought.

Qin Yiheng wanted to ask his father to ask, but unexpectedly discovered that his father was not in the ward. They searched in the hospital for a long time but couldn’t find it. When they found Qin Yi, Qin Yi went out and bought persimmons for Brother Qin. Qin Yiheng wanted to test himself. Father, so he changed a pair of medicine for Shen Tian to give his father. In the middle of the night, the Dalong people in the compound courtyard, in order to help Jiang Shuo and the others investigate the case, secretly ran to the Jiang family’s old house. Unexpectedly, they encountered a group of people who were staying here. They scared these people away and killed one of them. Take the fallen note back to Jiang Shuo.

Jiang Ye has a son named Jiang Shuo, and there happened to be a gambler named Wan Jiangshuo. They exchanged the pawn list that Koizumi had obtained at the pawn authority, and got a jade pendant. They also asked Wan Jiangshuo where he gambled. Jiang The three of Shuo hurried over.

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