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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 5 Recap

Wang Yueyue wanted to enter the Fengsheng Company, so he asked the old prince to look for Ye Xiaobai as a lobbyist, but Ye Xiaobai declined without waiting for him to finish. The prince was embarrassed to trouble the eldest daughter in this matter, but was afraid that the younger daughter would be disappointed, so he simply lied to Wang Yueyue that the matter had been settled. Wang Yueyue was overjoyed when he heard the news and immediately submitted his resume to Fengsheng Company.

Shengsheng Fruit Industry was successfully listed. As the person in charge of this project, Guan Yihe was naturally praised by President Cui, and the company also held a celebration banquet for him. However, Ye Xiaobai couldn’t help feeling disappointed because Mr. Cui didn’t mention himself, and he simply left alone, but Guan Yihe pulled Ye Xiaobai into the storage room after the celebration banquet, and carefully prepared cakes and red wine for her.

Facing Guan Yihe’s sincere confession, Ye Xiaobai was quite moved. The attitude of the previous stalemate seemed to have eased, and he even began to consider how the two people should face the future if they are together. Guan Yihe took advantage of Ye Xiaobai’s unpreparedness, kissed him directly, and left the house immediately, leaving Ye Xiaobai standing still shy.

Wang Yueyue came to Fengsheng Company for an interview and asked about Ye Xiaobai’s situation as soon as he spoke. Her colleagues contacted Ye Xiaobai directly to the interview waiting area. Since Ye Xiaobai didn’t know Wang Yueyue yet, he almost mistakenly thought she was Sun Yan’s current girlfriend. But when he noticed the wrong person, he immediately apologized and wished her a successful interview.

Considering Ye Xiaobai’s current situation, Guan Yihe intends to persuade Mary to keep Ye Xiaobai, but because he understands that Mary wants to prove that women can occupy a place in the investment bank, he deliberately denies Ye Xiaobai’s strength, thus arousing Mary’s Desire to survive. Ye Xiaobai wanted to send Mary the interviewer’s information, but he happened to stand at the door and heard the conversation, which caused a misunderstanding.

That night, Ye Xiaobai turned a blind eye to Guan Yihe’s various gestures. At first Guan Yihe didn’t understand why Ye Xiaobai suddenly changed his attitude, until he thought about the conversation with Mary today, it became clear in an instant, he immediately drove to Ye Xiaobai and explained the reason to her.

But Ye Xiaobai thinks that Guan Yihe is too rational, so rational that he can talk about himself indifferently, which is obviously a manifestation of disrespect for himself. However, Guan Yihe thought he was helping Xiaobai. After all, it is an objective fact that women are not suitable for investment banks. In the end, the two did not get together and broke up.

Mary selected three relatively good interviewer profiles and notified the members of the group the next day to select two interns. One of the female staff members saw Wang Yueyue’s resume and thought she was not suitable for investment banking as a girl, and she would consider getting married and having children in the future. As a result, because of these words, Mary immediately left Wang Yueyue and selected Wang Yueyue’s happy friend Jason from the other two.

Even if Mary left Ye Xiaobai deliberately and did not notify her of everything, Ye Xiaobai was still not discouraged and stayed beside Mary to take care of all matters. Ye Xiaobai brought two new recruits to familiarize themselves with the work environment, and said that the two would compete for a reserved place within three months. Wang Yueyue is well-established, and her cleverness has already been appreciated by Mary and Gao Shan when she first entered prosperity. But Ye Xiaobai admitted that she was unfamiliar with Wang Yueyue, but Wang Yueyue’s self-acquaintance made her very distressed.

After three days of overtime work and all night, Ye Xiaobai finally wrote the first draft of the plan, but the result has not been revised in time. Mary directly took her first draft to see the two bosses. That night, Guan Yihe recalled the bit by bit he had been with Ye Xiaobai, and gradually realized what he seemed to be doing wrong. Mary criticized Ye Xiaobai’s first draft for nothing, and told her to produce the finished draft within two days, otherwise she would resign and leave.

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