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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 4 Recap

Because of Zhao Jinzi’s words, Ye Xiaobai was very depressed. He sat alone in the corner of the celebration banquet and was muffled. As a result, Gao Gao came to tell the posture of Zhao Fucheng hosting the banquet. Obviously, he wanted to throw bait and catch Yihe. Golden turtle son-in-law. Ye Xiaobai felt even more uncomfortable when he heard that, so he simply applied to go back to Shenzhen in advance.

Ye Xiaobai followed Gao Shan to socialize with investors, drank a lot of red wine, and felt groggy. Gao Shan couldn’t stand it, so he called Guan Yihe to come over. Guan Yihe heard the voice of persuading wine on the phone. Because he was worried about Ye Xiaobai, he drove off and took the initiative to block the wine for her. Zhao Jinjin felt a little depressed.

Guan Yihe sent Ye Xiaobai back to the hotel, but he didn’t expect Ye Xiaobai to praise him while drunk. In the early morning of the next day, Ye Xiaobai woke up with a hangover and recalled what happened yesterday. He suddenly received a message from Marvin, urging her to return to Shenzhen to follow up the case of Xinhe Heavy Industry. Ye Xiaobai asked Guan Yihe to resign. Although Guan Yihe didn’t want her to leave, he had no reason to refuse, so he wanted to invite her to dinner as a practice.

Just as the two people dressed up in the room and prepared to go to this date together, Zhao Jinjin suddenly came to Ye Xiaobai and said that he would act tonight. It happened that Yihe came to look for Ye Xiaobai, but Zhao Jinjin confessed on the spot. Ye Xiaobai felt that it was too much for him to continue standing next to him, so he ran away.

In the face of Zhao Jinjin’s love, Guan Yihe politely rebuffed, and made it clear that the two were inappropriate and could never become lovers. Then he went out to chase Ye Xiaobai, but he could not find a trace. At this time, after calming down, Ye Xiaobai returned to the room to pack his luggage, set off for the airport the next morning, and informed Guan Yihe by text message.

Guan Yihe was not sure about his inner thoughts, but when he heard that a young girl had an elevator accident, he was panicked. Guan Yihe mistakenly thought it was Ye Xiaobai. He was finally relieved when he saw the strange face, and then realized that he had deep roots in Ye Xiaobai, so he chased Ye Xiaobai and sincerely showed his love to her. Whether it is the sweetness of the love period, or the future establishment of a family, I also think about it.

Considering that Fengsheng Company clearly stipulates that office romances are not allowed, Guan Yihe contacted friends from other investment companies and planned to arrange Ye Xiaobai to work there. But being able to work in Fengsheng is Ye Xiaobai’s dream. She is caught in the tangled choice of love career, so she wants to think about it.

After returning to Fengsheng Company, Ye Xiaobai found that Mary’s attitude towards her had completely changed, and even the office position was replaced by a newcomer Mickey. Marvin said that Mary valued the loyalty of her subordinates most. The reason she came forward to ask Guan Yihe to mention the secondment was to test Ye Xiaobai. He didn’t expect Ye Xiaobai to actually go to Hunan with him.

Now Mary often arrives late and leaves early, and was even scolded by President Cui at the executive meeting. Mar Wen reminded Ye Xiaobai not to touch Mary again. Ye Xiaobai thought about it again and again, and decided to go to Mary to explain clearly, and even retell the Sentai incident with his unforgettable memory, adding details that Mickey had overlooked.

Mickey’s ability is not as good as Ye Xiaobai. In addition, she lied during the interview. In the end, Mary dismissed her directly and asked Ye Xiaobai to collect all the detailed information of Sentai within five days and come up with a copy that could impress Xinhe Heavy Industry. President Tai’s plan, otherwise he would have to take the blame and resign. Ye Xiaobai knew that this task was very difficult, but she chose to take it and promised to complete it.

At the same time, Gao Shan didn’t understand why Guan Yihe would like Ye Xiaobai. Compared to Ye Xiaobai’s high-quality stable stocks, he prefers high risks and high returns. Guan Yihe sent a message to Ye Xiaobai to go home for him to sign for the courier. Ye Xiaobai came to Guan Yihe’s house according to the address and helped him water the flowers and plants by the way, but the phone rang suddenly reminded her to throw the meat into the toilet. in.

Guan Yihe heard about this, and forced Ye Xiaobai to open the courier. He didn’t expect that the box was actually the high heels given to her, with a card with love words attached. Although the shoes fit perfectly, Ye Xiaobai hadn’t made up his mind to be with him yet, so he declined the gift.

On the way home, Ye Xiaobai noticed that someone was following her, and she was frightened to quicken her pace, but the person who followed was actually the old prince. It turned out that the prince was worried about Ye Xiaobai and secretly followed behind to protect him. When chatting, he couldn’t help asking about her and Guan Yihe’s development progress, but Ye Xiaobai was curious about what happened to Weibo trumpet.

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