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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 45 Recap

Where Shen Shijun slept, Shi Cuizhi slept with him, and Mrs. Shi couldn’t help it when she saw it. Zhu Hongcai came to Longtai and saw that Shi Cuizhi was still crazy and snatched the car he had driven. When he returned home, Zhu Hongcai bought a lot of supplements for Gu Manzhen, so that she can take care of her health and can not leave the root of the disease in order to have children smoothly. He also took the opportunity to feel more about Gu Manzhen, but was driven away by Gu Manlu.

Gu Manzhen couldn’t hear anything. She got up and typed in the room alone. Grandma saw that she was very sad and distressed. She asked Gu Manzhen to teach her to type. Gu Manzhen typed a lot of words to indicate that everything was well. Gu Manzhen came to the temple to offer incense, and met Mrs. Shen and came here too. Mrs. Shen hoped that Gu Manzhen would be resigned to her fate. She hoped that she would find a good family to marry, so that she would have a better future, and she could also spare Shen Shijun so that he would not be so burdened. life.

Shen Shijun sent Mrs. Shen to the train station, and Mrs. Shen was going back to Nanjing, and asked him to treat Shi Cuizhi well. Shen Shijun said that his relationship with Gu Manzhen was the most precious. He couldn’t forget Gu Manzhen. The more he talked, the more excited he became. No matter what he did, he couldn’t let go of Gu Manzhen, and even left himself bruised.

Gu Manzhen figured it out. He couldn’t control his destiny. Shen Shijun did not regret falling in love with Gu Manzhen, thinking that this kind of love only needed once. The two had each other in their hearts, but had to let go. For the future life, they can only continue to struggle for life. Each other will always be lovers in love, but never go back.

Gu Manzhen was desperate. She returned home, hoping that Zhang Yujin could take her out of here to do more meaningful things and take care of and help more people. She just wanted to leave this sad place and escape from reality. But Zhang Yujin regretted it. She saw that Gu Manzhen was walking with her like this. She didn’t want to take her away like this for the time being. He said that he would consider it, and then closed the door, just hoping that she would not be so impulsive and regret things.

It was snowing, and Gu Manzhen came to the Wishing Forest. Everything has not changed here, but Shen Shijun is no longer around. She took the wishing card to show that she did not regret the love in this life, even if it was only half-length fate. Shen Shijun helped Shi Cuizhi recover, but Shi Cuizhi still didn’t know the person in the photo. No matter who it was, she called her father.

Shi Cuizhi looked like a child, Shen Shijun looked very distressed, and took her to the blind mother-in-law to tell the fortune. Shen Shijun took her to the room where Xu Shuhui lived, hoping that she could remember the days with Xu Shuhui. Xu Shuhui came back, but Shi Cuizhi didn’t know him. Gu Manzhen wants to leave Shanghai with Zhang Yujin, and Gu Manlu comes to accuse her, thinking that she cannot easily abandon her grandma and mother.

Gu Manzhen was not impulsive, and he asked Zhang Yujin to take him away again. Zhang Yujin said that the place he was going was dangerous, and he hoped that Gu Manzhen could think clearly about the meaning of leaving.

Xu Shuhui accompanied Shi Cuizhi, but she was a bit resistant. Xu Shuhui regretted that she should not leave rashly. When he was about to hug Shi Cuizhi, Shi Cuizhi was frightened. Mrs. Shi hurried over to blame Xu Shuhui and told him that Shen Shi Cuizhi had a husband, and she was Shen Shijun. . Zhu Hongcai intends to hire Gu Manzhen as her secretary, saying that she can divert her attention and make money. Gu Manlu felt pretty good after hearing this and said that she would ask Gu Manzhen to discuss it.

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