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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 44 Recap

Shen Shijun knew that he would marry Shi Cuizhi after he went out, but he still didn’t dare to tell Gu Manzhen, just enjoying the moment. In the prison, Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen hugged each other, and the two couldn’t help but kiss each other. Gu Hongcai went to Gu’s house for dinner and told her mother the good news that Gu Manzhen was about to be released. Grandma immediately changed her attitude towards Zhu Hongcai and thanked him very much.

Gu’s mother took out the banknotes she had saved for many years and thanked Zhu Hongcai for his busy schedule for Gu Manzhen, thinking that he must have spent a lot of money. Zhu Hongcai said that it was nothing, as long as it was for Gu Manzhen’s business, he would be willing to go up and down the fire. Gu’s mother said that he is the Gu family’s Dinghai Shenzhen, and can always help in times of crisis.

Zhu Hongcai took Shi Jingxuan’s black cat home, and Gu Manlu already felt that the relationship between her and Zhu Hongcai was unstable. Gu Manlu thinks that Zhu Hongcai only knows about power struggle, and being with her is not sincere, she can see it through. Zhu Hongcai lost his temper, thinking that he was digging his heart out for Gu Manzhen’s affairs and was also accused by Gu Manlu.

Gu Manlu can see from this incident that she thinks Shen Shijun is very responsible, but in this matter, God has no eyes, the two have no fate and cannot be together. Zhu Hongcai was angry and scolded Shen Shijun as a counselor. He didn’t say anything when the fingerprints were drawn. After Shen Shijun was released, he came to Shijia.

In front of Shi Jingxuan’s portrait, Mrs. Shi told Shen Shijun that as long as Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi got married, it would be the time when Gu Manzhen was released. Mrs. Shi said that she did not ask too much, but hoped that Shi Cuizhi could recover. She believed that only Shen Shijun could save her. From now on, she would hand over the management of Shi Family to Shen Shijun, and she would have no regrets.

Gu Manzhen was released from prison. Gu Manlu personally picked her up and told her that today was the news of the wedding of Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi. In order to protect Gu Manzhen, Shen Shijun could only promise Zhu Hongcai to marry Shi Cuizhi, otherwise the police would accuse Gu Manzhen of deliberate murder and sentence Gu Manzhen to death.

Shi Cuizhi was crazy because of Shi Jingxuan’s affairs. She did not speak or laugh, and she was insane. When Gu Manzhen heard the news, she ran to find Shen Shijun and saw the car where he and Shi Cuizhi were married passing by her. She felt extremely uncomfortable. Thinking of Shen Shijun’s previous promise to her, all the good things were shattered.

After Gu Manzhen returned home, the whole family was very worried about her. Gu’s mother wanted to enlighten Gu Manzhen. Gu Manlu asked to take Gu Manzhen back to live in her own bungalow. Zhu Hongcai objected, saying that the brother-in-law and the sister-in-law would make gossips when she lived. Must bring Gu Manzhen back and take good care of her.

Mrs. Shen reminded Shen Shijun that if you marry Shi Cuizhi, you must treat her sincerely and don’t repeat the same mistakes as yourself. In addition to work, Shen Shijun sleeps alone by himself every day, and does not want to live with Shi Cuizhi. However, Shi Cuizhi was mentally disordered and she called her father when she saw Shen Shijun.

At night, Shi Cuizhi would quietly come to Shen Shijun’s room and snuggle next to him. This made her feel safe. Mrs. Shi said that she believed in Shen Shijun and she would definitely be able to recover Shi Cuizhi. Yes, Shen Shijun was a bit repulsive at first, but then he couldn’t bear to hurt Shi Cuizhi, so Shi Cuizhi came to sleep, and he just pretended that.

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