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The Envy Code รหัสริษยา Episode 16 Recap

Siwa (Bank-Athit) visited Sorasak (Moo-Dilok) at the prison, stressed out Palai (Pink Ploy-Paphawadee) sympathizes, but can only console and be beside him. Daranee (Muay-Ansana) visited Sorasak And both of them told each other their hearts. Daranee forgives Sorasak for everything. Causing Daranee to let go after disappearing to practice Dhamma.

Rasika (Pim-Pimphan) tried to ask to visit Sorasak but was excluded. And threatened Sorasak that if Siva was not forced to marry Chan Jang (Kookikik-Kochakorn), it would expose everything

The Palai secretly went to the doctor for antenatal care. With Mi Thana (Great-Soraphon) as a friend But Siwadan stalked, so she mistakenly thought that Palai was pregnant and Thana was sad, while Nichada (Praew-Chermawee) also misunderstood. Siva and Nichada hugged their necks to cry.

Palai takes care of Razika hard. Releasing from the executive position, Rasika is furious. Appraisal (Phon-Poolphat) returns to divide in a scarred state. Razika was disgusted, but had to accept the assessment. To be fooled by the management of Palai.

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