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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 28 Recap

Sun Zhiliang’s heart is full of measuring sticks. They saw the interaction between Sun Zhiliang and Zhou Lan. Zhou Lan passed by those women looking at their newspapers, but their faces were all unhappy. It turned out that she was a prostitute before she started business. Those men Remembering her, let those men and women hate her deeply, the insults never stopped, and even her carefully designed cheongsam was ruined. This made Zhou Lan very broken, and Sun Zhiliang watched the women respond Zhou Lan’s insult was helpless.

After experiencing this, Zhou Lan chose to use suicide in exchange for relief. Sun Zhiliang watched Zhou Lan die in his arms. He wanted Qin Yan to do justice for Zhou Lan. Who knew that she was benevolent and hypocritical, so his hatred made him Start to retaliate against the five women who hurt Zhou Lan. The defense mechanism was activated in Sun Zhiliang’s house, and Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng were locked in his house. They were locked in a double coffin, but they couldn’t think of where to put such a large double coffin.

At this time, the double coffin began to shrink. Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng couldn’t leave the heart house together, so Qin Yiheng sent Jiang Shuo out of the heart house. In order to rescue Qin Yiheng, they must find the double coffin that held the women as soon as possible. Recalling the four hanging cheongsams they saw in the temple, Jiang Shuo and others immediately took people to the temple to find a double coffin. Jianshuo discovered the specialness of the temple. After breaking a wall, he found the temple. The secret of the disappearance of the other four people are still alive, the middle one is the dead Zhou Lan.

Jiang Shuo rescued the four people and brought Sun Zhiliang in front of them. When his psychological defense mechanism was gradually shaken, Jiang Shuo finally entered Sun Zhiliang’s house again. Qin Yiheng was kept in his house for a long time, with some mental disorders. Jiang Shuo found the ring on the ground, Qin Yiheng couldn’t think of Jiang Shuo for a while, Jiang Shuo could only guide him to remember everything step by step, and the two escaped from the house. After Sun Zhiliang woke up, he finally confessed all his crimes.

After the disappearance case was resolved, Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng’s lives returned to peace, but Jiang Shuo still had to watch out for Six Fingers. He didn’t care if he was injured, but worried that Six Fingers would attack the people around him, so he cared more about the people in the compound. . Qin Yiheng went out and sat with him. The two chatted together one after another. Since Jiang Shuo appeared, Qin Yiheng found that he felt more and more secure.

In fact, Sun Zhiliang provided them with clues, saying that six fingers instructed him to do all this. They decided to interrogate Sun Zhiliang’s question about six fingers. Qin Yiheng was afraid that Jiang Shuo would be too excited, so he decided to interrogate Sun Zhiliang with Chief Bai. When Yuan Muqing came to the Dazayuan to look for Jiang Shuo, the doctor who treated Qin Yi suddenly passed by the Dazayuan. Yuan Muqing knew that Dr. Shen liked Qin Yiheng and invited her in to see Qin Yiheng, but she refused. At this time, the young guys from the Dazayuan ran out. They said that the Dazayuan was unable to make ends meet. Yuan Muqing offered to help them buy it. Dr. Shen also took out his own snacks and gave them to them.

When Qin Yiheng asked Sun Zhiliang about the six-finger news, Sun Zhiliang did not conceal it. For Zhou Lan, he had listened to the six-finger’s words, so he chose to take revenge. Qin Yiheng immediately followed suit and asked him about the length of the six-finger, but Sun Zhiliang seemed to be too. Did not see the true face.

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