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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 3 Recap

Guan Yihe learned that Ye Xiaobai had been checking the information all night, so he let her rest first, and also cancelled the order to transfer back to Shenzhen. Gao Shan found Guan Yihe suspected of having fever, so he borrowed cold medicine from Zhao Jinjin and invited her to dinner. He didn’t expect Zhao Jinjin to bluntly break through Gao Jinzi, a fisherman who casts a net, and also made a detailed analysis of Ye Xiaobai.

At the same time, Ye Xiaobai made ginger soup and gave it to Guan Yihe, Gao Shan teased that they were unusual. Guan Yihe organized Zhao Fucheng and the board of directors to give comprehensive counseling based on the financial loopholes. As a result, news came suddenly that the orchard was besieged by many fruit farmers. When a group of people rushed to the orchard, they saw that all the fruits of the tree were knocked down to the ground, and the fruit farmers were angry and accused Zhao Fucheng of bullying the market, leaving them no way out.

As a soldier, Zhao Fucheng was furious when he heard the words. He didn’t expect to return to his hometown to start a business and benefit his neighbors. In the end, he was beaten up, so he almost started to work with others. Seeing this, Guan Yihe reminded Zhao Fucheng to be calm, and must not expand the situation before the review meeting. However, the fruit farmers are unreasonable and directly rushed to beat others.

To protect Guan Yihe, Ye Xiaobai immediately stood in front of him, but both of them fell to the ground. Guan Yihe’s arm was bruised by a wooden thorn, but he endured the pain to warn the fruit grower that he had violated the law and threatened to call the police. A group of people were worried that they would be arrested and put in jail, and they flee in a swarm. Zhao Jinjin saw that Guan Yihe was calm and courageous, and he fell in love with him and decided to pursue him.

Ever since Guan Yihe was admitted to the hospital, Zhao Jinjin often came to deliver meals, but Guan Yihe had no appetite for greasy food, so he happened to like Ye Xiaobai’s tomato and egg noodles. In the next few days, the two people often worked in the ward and got along more and more harmoniously. Ye Xiaobai would also try to make a variety of light foods for Guan Yihe to taste, and the relationship between them had subtle changes.

Since Wang Yueyue resigned and was at home, the prince knew that his daughter had poor eyesight, so let her find a decent job, regardless of whether the salary was satisfactory. Just as the father and daughter could not discuss this, Ye Huifen suddenly called and asked him about Guan Yihe.

The prince didn’t know much about Guan Yihe. Unexpectedly, Wang Yueyue found out his identity on the Internet and believed in his heart that he was his brother-in-law. In order to successfully enter Fengsheng, by the way, he matched Ye Xiaobai and this high-quality gold man. Wang Yueyue intends to take the initiative to confess to Guan Yihe for Ye Xiaobai, so as to prevent Guan Yihe from being coveted by other women.

Zhao Jinjin told Ye Xiaobai of the idea of ​​pursuing Guan Yihe, and asked Ye Xiaobai not to cook too deliciously. After all, she wanted to control the man’s stomach first. Gao Gaoshan dismantles Guan Yihe and has to stay in the hospital after heal. Obviously he already likes Ye Xiaobai, but Guan Yihezuiyan refuses to admit it, but thinks Gaoshan in his heart, especially if Ye Xiaobai won’t send it tonight. The news of the meal went straight out of the hospital and went to the door, praising Ye Xiaobai’s craftsmanship.

Recently, negative news about the Shengguo Industry has been spread everywhere on the Internet. Zhao Fucheng guessed that it must be the work of his nephew Ruan Dong. This person belongs to the old man of the Shengguo Industry. He worked from the early stage of his business until he became the financial director in the later period, until Zhao Fucheng discovered He worked financially and resigned decisively.

Now Zhao Fucheng asked Zhao Jinjin to negotiate with Ruan Dong, but the other party made up his mind to fight against Zhao Fucheng and refused to compromise. Considering the issue of listing, Guan Yihe convened a board meeting again to discuss the resolution of the crisis within three days. He and Ye Xiaobai, Gao Shan and Zhao Jinzi were each divided into two groups and went to the investors and Ruan Dong respectively.

Zhao Jinjin did not understand finances as much as Ye Xiaobai, and could only accept such an arrangement. Ye Xiaobai accidentally sprained his foot but did not make a sound. He insisted on walking to Ruan Dong’s house. Under the joint lobbying of her and Guan Yihe, Ruan Dong finally agreed not to retaliate with despicable means and take the initiative to remove negative news. Huisheng fruit industry.

After coming out of Ruan Dong’s house, Guan Yihe discovered that Ye Xiaobai had a sprained ankle. He simply squatted down to help her rub her foot. The two were waiting for the car to pick up on the mountain, enjoying a rare pleasant time. Back to the hotel, Guan Yihe directly hugged the princess, and carried Ye Xiaobai into the hotel. The mountains and gold waiting for them in the lobby were stunned.

Zhao Jinjin determined from Ye Xiaobai that she didn’t like managing Yihe, so he ordered flowers the next day and planned to confess to managing Yihe in public. As a result, Zhao Jinjin’s flowers hadn’t arrived yet, and Wang Yueyue’s confession of flowers for Ye Xiaobai had already been delivered first, and even left a Weibo trumpet on the card to let him watch the confession video on Weibo. Ye Xiaobai was shocked when he saw this, and quickly explained that other people were also happy to see it, but Zhao Jinjin was annoyed and thought that since Ye Xiaobai liked Guan Yihe, he should make it clear and should not tease himself like this.

Because Wang Yueyue checked Ye Xiaobai’s Weibo in advance and found that her Weibo content was boring and boring, and it was all forwarding of professional inquiries, so she pretended to be a registered account of Ye Xiaobai, and the content posted was a fake Ye Xiaobai’s tone. For Guan Yihe’s love. Guan Yihe flipped through this fake Weibo, but he believed it was true, and he couldn’t help but secretly joy.

The new product tasting meeting of Shengsheng Fruit Industry was released as scheduled. Many investors came to experience the experience. There was a lively scene at the scene, which shows that the plan was very successful. Zhao Fucheng was overjoyed and was preparing to hold a celebration banquet tonight. Zhao Jinjin talked to Ye Xiaobai alone, and told her to return to Shenzhen first.

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