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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 2 Recap

When the prince was young, he loved to play music, but because he loved to play too much, he resigned from his job and went to the karaoke hall to become a singer. Ye Huifen thinks that the prince is not doing his job properly and chooses to divorce in a fit of anger. Ye Xiaobai has never seen her father since she was born. When she saw her father, she had grown up. If she said that deep feelings are false, how could she have no feelings? It is precisely because of this complicated relationship that the father and daughter have been in a relationship. Semi-unfamiliar state.

Now Ye Xiaobai heard the prince express her heart, whether it came from years of guilt or his father’s concern for his daughter, she had mixed feelings. After all this, Ye Xiaobai has experienced the malice in reality, and he also understands that life is far more difficult than imagined. It seems that for a moment, he realized that Marvin chose one of the two family careers, and he understood the prince’s helplessness back then.

As the moon sets and the sun rises, today’s Ye Xiaobai is different. She clocked in to work as a regular employee. She was full of confidence a second, but then she fell into hesitation and helplessness due to Mar Wen’s reminder. Last night’s drunk gaffe made her shameless to see Mary. She simply decided to do a good job of the Hunan project and strive to be seconded to the second department.

Although Gao Shan is very optimistic about Ye Xiaobai, Guan Yihe still has a prejudice against her. In order to prove his strength, Ye Xiaobai completed the rectification track and counseling report of the fruit industry within a day. Unexpectedly, he accidentally sent the encouraging video that Ye Huifen had passed to her to Guan Yihe’s mailbox.

Fortunately, this episode did not cause any trouble. On the contrary, because of this report, Guan Yihe no longer despised Ye Xiaobai as before, so he decided to let her accompany him to Hunan. Gao Shan asked Ye Xiaobai to wait for the notice at the office, but Ye Xiaobai did not see Guan Yihe in the office. He happened to receive a call from Ye Huifen to arrange a blind date for her at this time, so he lied to take the opportunity to go to Hunan for treatment.

Guan Yihe heard Ye Xiaobai’s random dealing with her mother and misunderstood her irresponsible attitude towards work, and immediately cancelled the arrangement. Mary found that Ye Xiaobai had come out of Guan Yihe’s office with a look of loss, and instantly understood the reason, so in front of Ye Xiaobai, she directly instructed Mike to notify the personnel department to draft a report.

Ye Xiaobai thought that he was going to be fired, so he invited Marvin to drink that night. However, Marvin would not love Sun Yan as much as she imagined. Otherwise, he would not value career so much, causing the breakdown of the relationship between the two of them. Because of the first feeling of failure, this emotion comes from unwillingness.

After listening to Marvin’s analysis, Ye Xiaobai felt even more sad. He lost his boyfriend because of his career, but was abandoned by his career. Just as Ye Xiaobai was getting more sad, Gao Shan suddenly called and told her to assemble at the airport tomorrow morning and head for Hunan. After hanging up the phone, Ye Xiaobai was ecstatic, decided to forget the past, cheer up, and work hard in the workplace.

A brand new day arrived as scheduled, and Ye Xiaobai bought coffee for the two bosses in advance, and by the way ordered an airport snack. Gao Shan took the opportunity to praise Ye Xiaobai to Guan Yihe, but as soon as his voice fell, Ye Xiaobai not only fell to the ground on the spot, but even knocked over the fast food in his hand.

Guan Yihe seems to be commonplace, without any blame, but Gao Shan feels helpless. While helping Ye Xiaobai clean up, he reminds her not to make any mistakes. If Guan Yihe’s three-day test period is not passed, she may lose her job. Ye Xiaobai wondered why Guan Yihe changed her attitude to let her come to Langshan, and was shocked when she learned from Gaoshan that it was Mary who actually asked for it.

At the same time, Zhao Fucheng, the president of Shengsheng Fruit Industry, was lecturing in the park. The employees stood below in a standard military posture. Only the daughter, Zhao Jinjin, was still playing on the mobile phone beside him. In fact, he was investigating the information of Fengsheng Company. It’s just that Fengsheng is not the enemy. They came here to guide the company and strive to go public. How could Zhao Fucheng let his daughter be so messy and hurriedly ordered him to stand.

Since Zhao Fucheng was born in the military, he would manage the enterprise with militarization, and even the way of welcoming was very special. I saw dozens of employees standing in two rows, shouting slogans in unison, and one employee blew the Charge horn to welcome Guan Yihe and others.

The impact of Shengsheng Fruit Industry’s initial public offering has reached a critical moment. Zhao Fucheng wants to take everyone to the orchard to inspect. Who knew that Ye Xiaobai accidentally hit the cabinet, causing the information to be scattered all over the place. Zhao Fucheng knew that the responsibility for this matter lay with his daughter, and simply reprimanded her. Ye Xiaobai happened to see the grape procurement account when he was picking up materials.

During the field visit, Gao Shan noticed that Zhao Fucheng had an unusual attitude towards Zhao Jinjin, so he misunderstood the relationship between the two and reminded Ye Xiaobai to have a good relationship with Zhao Jinjin. However, Ye Xiaobai’s heart was straightforward, and he accidentally shook out what was in his heart. Zhao Jinjin was annoyed. He was about to stretch out his palm to tie it and was grabbed by Ye Xiaobai’s arm, and fell to the ground when he let go.

When she first arrived, she had offended the boss’s daughter. Guan Yihe couldn’t bear Ye Xiaobai’s repeated reckless behavior, and immediately notified Amy to help her book the flight back to the city. However, Zhao Fucheng didn’t take this matter to heart at all, and continued to host a banquet for everyone. Ye Xiaobai took the initiative to apologize to Zhao Jinjin and drank a whole glass of red wine in public. After a while, he ran to the bathroom drunk Vomiting.

Zhao Jinjin’s character follows her father, and her character is straightforward and does not hold grudges. When she learned that Ye Xiaobai was about to leave, she was worried that she would be affected by the incident, so she hurriedly explained to Guan Yihe that she had forgotten the past. In fact, Guan Yihe didn’t really want to fire Ye Xiaobai, although many of her performances during this period were not satisfactory.

But the next thing made Guan Yihe no longer able to calm down. Learning that Ye Xiaobai was strangely missing that night, he and Gaoshan searched everywhere under the heavy rain, but never saw anyone. Just when Guan Yihe was about to call the police, he dragged his exhausted body back to the Shengsheng Fruit Industry Company, and suddenly found that the person involved was buried in a pile of documents, as if he had been isolated from the outside world, without knowing why.

With an incompetent roar erupting, Ye Xiaobai stood up in fright. She watched Guan Yihe walk from the opposite side angrily, holding an umbrella in her hand, and her whole body in a panic. Ye Xiaobai explained the reason why the phone was turned off. He also took out a bottle of wine before the other party became angry, and then confirmed that the fruit industry had made false accounts and falsely reported profits.

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