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Hush (2020) 허쉬

Other Title: Hush, 허쉬, Heoswi, Silence Advisory, Silent Warning, Lie, 嘘

Genres: Business, Comedy, Life, Drama
South Korea
Choi Kyu Shik
Kim Jung Min
: Dec 11, 2020 – Jan 30, 2021
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  • Hwang Jung Min as Han Joon Hyuk (40s)
  • Im Yoon Ah as Lee Ji Soo (mid 20s)
  • Kim Won Hae as Jung Se Joon (early 50s)
  • Park Ho San as Uhm Sung Han (early 50s)
  • Lee Seung Joon as Kim Ki Ha (early 40s)
  • Baek Joo Hee as Lee Jae Eun (early 40s)
  • Choi Kang Soo (최강수) as Jo Dong Wook (mid 30s)
  • Son Byung Ho as Na Sung Won (mid 50s)
  • Kim Jae Chul (김재철) as Park Myung Hwan (early 40s)
  • Yoo Sun as Yang Yoon Kyung (mid 40s)
  • Jung Joon Won as Choi Kyung Woo (late 20s)
  • Lee Ji Hoon as Yoon Sang Kyu (mid 40s)

“Hush” is an office drama about newspaper reporters and their everyday struggles, problems, and ethical dilemmas.

Han Jun Hyeok is a veteran reporter for a newspaper. He first became a reporter to pursue justice, but he is now conflicted between idealism and pragmatism. Han Jun Hyeok must also deal with personal issues as a husband and father.

Lee Ji Su is a bold intern reporter who isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said, even during a job interview. When she meets Han Jun Hyeok as her mentor, she begins to dream of becoming a true journalist.

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