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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 43 Recap

When Zhu Hongcai returned home, Gu Manlu accused him, believing that Zhu Hongcai had disclosed the affairs of Gu Manzhen to Shi Jingxuan, and scolded him for not acknowledging his six relatives, asking him to find a way to rescue Gu Manzhen anyway. Zhu Hongcai thought of an idea at all, saying that she would first be Shen Shijun, because Mrs. Shi asked Gu Manzhen to pay the price.

In order to protect Gu Manzhen, Shen Shijun surrendered to Police Officer Hu and admitted that he had killed Shi Jingxuan and had nothing to do with Gu Manzhen. Officer Hu didn’t care, saying that it was useless to rely on Shen Shijun to surrender. Gu Manzhen must be an accomplice and would punish her. Zhu Hongcai ran to the prison and quietly bribed Officer Hu to get him to thoroughly investigate the affairs of Gu Manzhen. Shen Shijun was unwilling to give in.

Zhu Hongcai made a bad idea and asked Shen Shijun to agree to his transaction, otherwise Gu Manzhen would be sentenced, because Mrs. Shi had already greeted the police chief, and Gu Manzhen must pay the price. Shen Shijun panicked and said that he could give Longtai’s shares to Zhu Hongcai, but Zhu Hongcai didn’t like it at all. What he really wanted in his heart was the property of the Shi family.

Gu Manzhen heard that Shen Shijun had pleaded guilty and asked Officer Hu to reason. Officer Hu would not pity Xiangyu at all and slap Gu Manzhen severely. Gu Manlu kept asking Zhu Hongcai to help Gu Manzhen. When she came to the prison, she saw that Gu Manzhen was tortured and injured all over. Gu Manlu was angry and sad, and Gu Manzhen still wanted to save Shen Shijun.

When Gu Manlu returned home, he had to fight Zhu Hongcai desperately. Zhu Hongcai said that he wanted to save Gu Manzhen and must make her suffer. Gu Manlu was very anxious, thinking that Zhu Hongcai had not really helped herself. Zhu Hongcai suggested that the only way now is to put pressure on Shen Shijun and let her calm down.

Both Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen were imprisoned. Shen Shijun confessed that he was the murderer, but the police officers tortured Gu Manzhen and forced a confession on her, leaving Gu Manzhen with scars. Gu Manzhen was injured but still refused to let go, saying that he could not confess what he had never done. Shen Shijun watched Gu Manzhen’s injury, but there was nothing he could do. He kept blaming himself for failing to protect Gu Manzhen, which made her hurt, but he was helpless. Gu Manzhen was sitting in the prison, her whole body hurt, she could only cry, and the pain in her heart and body could not be compensated.

Shi Cuizhi was stupid. She didn’t know the photos of Shen Shijun and Xu Shuhui. Mrs. Shi looked very distressed, thinking that it was Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen’s fault. She wanted Shen Shijun to be responsible for Shi Cuizhi for the rest of her life, so that Zhu Hongcai quickly prepared for the next step. Zhu Hongcai and Mrs. Shi asked Shi Cuizhi to press the handprint of the marriage certificate, and Shen Shijun agreed to get married.

Shen Shijun was firm, saying that it was impossible for him and Shi Cuizhi, and there must be another way. Zhu Hongcai continued to fan the flames. As long as Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi got married, Gu Manzhen could be released immediately, otherwise he could only wait for the body to be collected.

Gu Manlu asked Zhu Hongcai whether he still missed Gu Manzhen and wanted to take advantage of the fire. Zhu Hongcai transferred all the responsibility to Shen Shijun and the Shi family, saying that he would save his life first. Gu Manlu had no choice but to put pressure on Shen Shijun. If Shen Shijun did not agree to marry, she could only attend the funeral of Gu Manzhen.

Shen Shijun had no choice. For the safety of Gu Manzhen’s life, he had no choice but to marry Shi Cuizhi. Officer Hu released Gu Manzhen and let her and Shen Shijun see one last time. The two hugged each other, not sure how long the future would be.

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